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  1. ya? i might be interested i seen the CL add. in tha bay also
  2. Nanocustoms Garage Sale

    guys this is a garage sale with all they have advertised here. i asked if they had any other things that they are adding but thry are still looking and will add when they do. Nick thanks for the great service can wait to get the seio.
  3. Digital Aquarium Thermometer w/probe

    so did mine. thanks again
  4. Digital Aquarium Thermometer w/probe

    i need 2 LMK
  5. RO/DI for sale

    put me next in line.
  6. Anyone have tank raised bangii cardinals?

    you might wanna check to see if jimsar will ship from nor-cal. link to RC
  7. FS: common hermit crabs

    sent PM
  8. 150 gallon reef Aquarium

    hey jordan call me with a price .
  9. ok, free grab bag of macros

    also interested LMK.
  10. FS: common hermit crabs

    i have a mantis that could use a live meal, i'll pay shipping if you want them out of your hand.
  11. Beautiful Live rock $1 per Lb.

    if you can get some pics i'll take it all.
  12. Kahuna Corals Grand Opening

    also on the zoo's , i think closer pics like the red zoo's will help with the details on each fiji rock. love the site.
  13. do you have a pic of it from the top? also i read on another thread that you only have access to bart, and i dont travel up to sf often, so lmk if you head to sj or gilroy.
  14. consider it sold! accept paypal?