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  1. Wrought Iron Stand Rust

    How sturdy are those stands? The metal stand I saw in my LFS was not one that had to be assembled so I feel like it might be stronger. I do not know if it was powder coated though... how do I tell?
  2. Wrought Iron Stand Rust

    thanks for the responses. Bamato - i don't like modifying stands while the tank is on it. I fear pressure cracking the tank (probably won't happen to most, but would happen to me). ShadowLab - I'm glad you had success. I like the idea of the metal stand so I can have the most room/flexibility for sump stuff, but do you think having a sump spraying saltwater on to the stand would cause more damage than you saw with just one tank on top of the stand? On the other hand, I'll probably keep the tank 2-3 years so it might not even be an issue in that time frame at all...
  3. Wrought Iron Stand Rust

    Hi I am going to set up a 40 BR and the challenge that I have is the Aqueon (or AGA) stand for the tank, has a center brace that prevents anything larger than a 10 gallon tank to be used as a sump. I could drop the sump tank in before putting the display tank on the stand, but I don't want to have to take the whole display apart if the sump needs to be replaced. I came across the standard wrought iron stands they sell in almost all petstores. I like the idea that I can put a 40 BR on top, and a 40 BR on the bottom as the sump tank (what a fuge!). My primary concern is that the iron stand will rust and fail. Does anyone have long-term experience with iron stands? I've heard of products like POR-15 or anything used to line truck-beds. Does this actually work? If you think an iron stand is not the way to go, is there a way to get a 40 BR stand that doesn't have a giant center brace preventing a large sump? I would rather buy something than build it myself since I live in an apartment with no tools or work space. I'm amazed that the major aquarium manufacturers don't sell pre-drilled 40 BRs with stands meant for a sump. It seems like every other person on this forum has one and built it themselves. Thanks, Mark
  4. Can a HOB Refugium break glass?

    awesome. thanks for the green light!
  5. Hi I have a 90 gal reef and am looking to downgrade to a 40 Breeder. I am interested in setting up a hang-on-back refugium (either CPR or DIY AquaClear110 mod) so copepods freely flow into the display tank without getting ground up in an impeller on their way up from a sump. I was wondering if anyone thinks that having a large hang-on-back filter or fuge would cause enough stress on the main display tank glass that it could break. Any thoughts/experience on this matter? Thanks, Mark PS: Anyone in the St Pete, FL area? I moved from Chicago and I don't have any reefing buddies here...
  6. Urgent! Is this 90g w/ black stand and sump worth 350?

    Call perfecto and make sure their warranty is still good if its sitting on an Oceanic stand, and make sure a Perfecto tank can sit on an Oceanic stand. I ran into a problem putting an All Glass 90-gallon on a Perfecto stand... as it turns out the perfecto stand is 1/4" too small around where the glass meets the stand and All Glass says its a matter of time before my tank bursts a seam due to half of the glass frame sitting on the stand and half not touching anything... all thanks to a LFS that i'll never go back to again...
  7. Anyone ever seen these Zoas?

    we have those zoas in illinois. theres a guy that has a 900 gallon fish tank that sold me a 8x8" rock of them for like $5... i don't have the heart to sell them since he basically gave me 100s of dollars worth of stuff. i think they came from a combination of green on green and orange on orange zoos. he has them both growing in his tank... we're talking square feet of the stuff... and every so often are the multicolored ones. Ive had my ones like proraptor showed and as theyve grown there have been orange on orange that pop up along the multicolored ones. I can't explain it, but it definitely happened in my tank. Anyone else ever hear of anything like that? Do zoas have dominant and recessive genes?
  8. I've hit the Jackpot!

    I added 20 SPS frags and 5 softies in one day to my 15H (i hit a similar jackpot). Everything survived and has been doing fine for 6 months now. So go for it. You may as well set up a bigger tank though maybe he'll give you the 120 too
  9. Ebay store Urban Oceans

    type in "Help!" in the forum search and look for something like Help! my sunpod... you'll see that a lot of SunPods do that. All you need is a new bulb from current and they should send it out to you (if the fixture is new that is). The problem is the bulbs weren't burned in properly at the factory. So, what you should do is turn on your light, even if the bulb doesn't fire leave it on for 8 hours. The light will come on at some point. With my light it would take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to fire every day but after a month of this it turns on instantly now. Current builds a good product and has great customer service so don't worry about your fixture... its definitely the bulb. Are you new to Metal halides? You can't turn them on and off since they have to be cool in order to fire. So, if it goes on and you shut it off you have to wait about 15 minutes before it will turn on. Also, it is good practice to leave the fixture on for 8 hours the first time you turn it on to help the bulb.
  10. Clown chasing Chromis?

    I have 3 chromis in a 30 with 2 clowns. The bigger clown spends all its time swimming at the chromis but never touches them. You'd think the chromis would want to get away from him but all 5 of my fish always stay together as a clump... For your problem I'd say get a bigger tank or get rid of the lonely chromis. He's meant to have an entourage which you shouldn't do in a 12.
  11. Pricing My Tank

    I think I got ripped off ... my total was $572.00 Tank - 40 Stand - 80 Lights - 250 Heater - 16 Powehead - 16 Skimmer - 80 Bulb - 65 Filter - 25 I bought the tank and stand from Palos Pet Shop in Palos Heights, IL. The lights from Marine Depot, and the rest from DrFosterSmith. Where do you guys get stuff that is so cheap?
  12. Pricing My Tank

    Hello! I just set up a 30g which means I want to sell my 15H. My neighbor wants to buy it and I was wondering if you all could offer your opinions as to what is a fair price. I bought everything new and everything is about 5 months old. This is what I have: -15H AGA, Black Oak Stand -20" SunPod 150W MH -Brand New 150W MH Bulb never been used -Visitherm Delux 50W heater -MaxiJet 600 Powerhead -Prizm Delux Protein Skimmer -Aqua Clear 50 Filter What do you think I should ask for price? Thanks, Mark
  13. Two Hydrometers - Two Specific Gravities

    ok thanks guys. I'm a chemistry major so I think I'd like to invest in a refractometer. What do you recommend?
  14. Hello. I am getting two values for specific gravity from two hydrometers and I don't know which to believe: Instant Ocean Hydrometer: 1.027 Coralife Deep Six Hydrometer: 1.023 Has anyone experienced this before? Which one tends to be more accurate? Mark
  15. Hello. I'm looking for people in the Champaign, IL area that would like to trade coral with me. I have lots of xenia, zoos, and SPS to frag. I'd also buy frags too. Mainly, I'd like to get to know people in the area. Anyone out there? Mark