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  1. 20" 96 watt aqualight *FREE*

    all gone thanks everybody
  2. 20" 96 watt aqualight *FREE*

    i also have a 10 gal and a 20" flat screen (not flat panel) TV that works great except for a high pitched ooooo sound that only i can hear, free or it's going to goodwill!
  3. I have a 20" 96 watt aqualight 50/50 slightly used.fits great on a 10 gallon. come and get it before 9/4 and it's yours! please i don't wanna ship can't guarantee anything with the post office. if i get no takers it's TRASH! (then i might consider shipping it) I'm in santa clarita right next to magic mountain (sorta)
  4. never seen these before

    i'm down with the stomatella, don't get me wrong. but sometimes i got the feeling they were planning to get together and heave stuff out of the tank so they could have more room for themselves... you never know what they're planning when there's 20 of them hangin' out next to the intake... yeah, it's bedtime thanks again
  5. never seen these before

    makes sense, my rock was fiji too. man i hope he was eatin stoma snails cause those things reproduce like there's no tomorrow. pretty cool looking. diane, thanks for those cool links, i wish the scale worm would come out an say 'hi' he's awesome looking. i love that flatworm id page... why are the bad ones always so good looking... i'll just pretend i'm not old enough to know about kahn or the plane...
  6. Starter Frag Pack For Sale

    i'm in soo much trouble when i move back to melbourne...
  7. never seen these before

    ahh... woe is me for i don't have cable i liked vw commercials, the one where the guy licks the doorhandle. classic.
  8. never seen these before

    i do not understand this language which you speak...
  9. shroom

    a red pimply one
  10. found these two creatures scavenging rocks and sand from my 30g. evicted the betta and now have a 1 gal 'worm tank' so i figured they'd fit right in whada ya think they are (i'll probably never see them again) this one is cool, it has little discs all over it looks like an aquatic roly poly this is a giant amoeba!
  11. bristleworms?

    they're cool, i have one huge one that just hangs out. they're actually quite pretty at that size. the top is iridescent purple and the bottom iridescent yellow. they love they seaweed that you put in miso soup too
  12. tank invaders

    i always enjoy the things that 'pop up' well usually. here are some of my favorites so far now don't get scared, they've been on very good behavior. these showed up a few months ago. the largest one is about the size of a quarter but most are the size of red hots. and after drying out several i concluded that they only eat algae so can stay. and here's the mother of all bristleworms! she's so cute! her face reminds me of a little squished face persian kitty. also very well behaved, cleans up missed food really well. funny this is the only one that's this big. do you think she eats the little ones? shown with redhead goby for size reference (she's actually wider, just stretching out to climb over that big rock)
  13. will they starve?

    i like the nass just because as soon as food hits the water they pop out of the sand and zoom all over the tank lookin for food i've had the same ones for over 2 yrs and only one has died. as for hermits the scarlets will be your best friends, most of the others will start to misbehave eventually and will be sent to the alcatraz tank for destruction of property. and of all the "you dirty lil bastard, your goin to jail" hermits the scarlets are still hangin out. i just let out on parole actually... ceriths will pop up and you'll have 20 million of them as for the others... i don't like the ones that fall down and die were those the astrea? gad i forget!
  14. lots o' stuff

    sorry, i already promised the clowns... if it falls through you get dibs. and yes they are very nice
  15. lots o' stuff

    no more