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  1. they are hard to find, but if you search 'desktop aquariums' you should be able to find one. i think it's sold as a kit. i was gonna get that one instead of a cube but... check your lfs too, a couple around here have them or can get them.
  2. cool, thanks diatom. so i guess it's good they are growing?
  3. did you get him from nahacky's?
  4. lovely garden you have there
  5. it's a barnacle blenny, he stays in one place except to dart after food. if smth he doesn't like comes close he opens his mouth up real big like a moray
  6. wowser! i'm jealous
  7. Bastages! It's Shaky's gang!!
  8. ouch!
  9. thanks for the ideas, the growths are hard and don't seem to grow much. one spot had some new growth and the hard part inside was white with the maroon hair. hmmm...
  10. oooh, pretty
  11. FTS

    thanks there's lots of caves you can't see. dendro is super cool, gets huge after eating.
  12. LOL better take those keys away from him! he looks waaay over the legal limit.
  13. ooh nice
  14. i have no idea! he's very well behaved though and looks cool.anyone know what those furry things on his shell are?
  15. wow! are his eyes really red like that? very cool fish, so much fun to watch.