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  1. Pajama Cardinal behavior

    Please help me out.. My pajama cardinal has decided that the elegance coral is his to pick at.. is this normal, harmful or anything?? I see no damage yet he is picking at the coral. It does not recoil, yet I feel the need to protect it..It is a mother thing! any ideas?
  2. chemical/supplement dosing

    Expenses indeed! I have all of these chemicals and am afraid to use them.. You say that you have a well, get the water checked, it may be really nice water. It is us city dwellers with the majority of the problems. My tap water smells like chlorine. We put a RO unit in because I would not drink it! I think a brita would be fine. The good news is with the nano there isn't much water to change!
  3. chemical/supplement dosing

    Hi all of yous, Help me please, I am having difficulty trying to figure out how to dose the iodine,liquid calcium, zooplezstrontium& molydenum andthe phytoplex. the dose is set up for 50 gallons as they are all concentrated. I have a 12g and 24g JBJ nano.. Does anyone have a way to mix in water perhaps a gallon or 4 so I can dose with water chages. AND can I add all of these supplements at the same time mixed in the gallon juags of RO water???, with water changes I really would like to avoid a drip system, and we do not need kalkwasser in this area because of our natural water condition. PLEASEEEEEE help me.:blush :*(
  4. 1/6/05 Upgrading your aquarium

    I have a question for you all... why would a 12 gal nano be preferable to a 70 gal..beyond the stock purchase.....
  5. jbl 12 nano

    Hello, I just set up the nano with live sand some base rock and live.. I am trying to figure out the heater needs for a reef.. This stock tank said it works well for reef..the store guy said it is complete.. why does this not make sence to me..HELP Please!