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  1. danskim's 300g rimless starphire

    Thanks The chromis are definitely fun to watch. As are the two groups of anthias. I don't know if I already mentioned it, but I kind of wish I had gotten more chromis.
  2. danskim's 300g rimless starphire

    I think it could be a good idea. In a 20L, staggered T5s would probably be more efficient than any single MH while providing a little more customization for lighting spectrum and dawk/dusk.
  3. danskim's 300g rimless starphire

    Indeed, they are bright. FTS with all lights on: I just noticed that the left side is less blue than the right side because I must have switched out an Aquablue for 6500k... so the left has 2x6500K and the right side has one more Aquablue. Haha... I have Deuteranopia by the way... which is probably the reason for the slip-up. I'm going to place an order for 2 more Blue Plus and 2 more Aquablue to try a different combination. I plan on getting rid of the AquaSun and Actinic. Not sure if this is a good idea, but if I don't like it or the corals don't grow well, they can just be backups. Bulbs (supposed to be) in each fixture: 3 - ATI Blue plus 2 - ATI AquaBlue 12000K Special 1 - UVL AquaSun 1 - Sfiligoi Super Actinic 03 1 - GE 6500K
  4. danskim's 300g rimless starphire

    New fts from last night with the black background put on. ORA Nathan's green millepora Ocellaris clowns
  5. danskim's 300g rimless starphire

    Yeah... now I regret not getting more chromis! The 13 almost always stick together and seek refuge inside the s. hystrix coral. Very cool to watch. I wish I had a handful more.... would have made the schooling/shoaling effect even more dramatic. And thanks for the link. I'll have to register after work And thanks everyone again for the compliments. It means a lot! Yeah, I've heard almost nothing but good things about ATB.. and I've seen many nasty nog shots like that too .
  6. danskim's 300g rimless starphire

    Yeah, they're definitely nice. The 10 bulbers weren't out when I got mine. I may replace mine in the future. I'm going to be adding some accent mh lighting too.
  7. danskim's 300g rimless starphire

    Haha yeah the lights were crooked while I was adjust the aquascape. I've had the BM250 for about a year now. I just meant that I was planning on upgrading in the future. I've heard other things about the ATBs... Are you talking about Ed Lum? I'm also looking forward to the new Bubble Kings. Sorry, I think you may have made a typo in the question. But I think maybe you were asking which panes were Starphire. It's just the front and right panes that are.
  8. danskim's 300g rimless starphire

    Thanks for your feedback, but I will not be adding more rock. I want maximum room for corals. I hate how my old tank had no room for the corals to grow.
  9. Hello friends. It's been a long time since I've been to these forums, but since this is where I began with my 30g so long ago, I thought it might be okay to put up what I've been working on. Display: 96x31.5x24.5 in 3/4 glass. Front and right panes are PPG Starphire. Lighting: - 2 ATI Powermodul 8x54w Circulation: - 2 x Tunze 6100, 1 x 6200, 1 x 6212 on 7095 Multicontroller - OR6500 return pump on WavySea Skimmer: - ATI BM250 - ATB XL or BK DeLuxe 300 in the near future Sump/Refugium: - 75g sump - 30g refugium Other: - Remote DSB - 20g Brute - Octopus Dual Calcium Reactor - Two Phosban reactors - AC Jr - DC8 and DC4 - Will be getting the new ReefKeeper Elite - CurrentUSA 1/3hp chiller Fish list: 1 Purple Tang 1 Yellow Tang 1 Yellow Eye Kole Tang 1 Christmas Wrasse 1 Six-line Wrasse 1 Flame Angel 1 Pixie Hawkfish 2 A. Ocellaris 5 Lyretail Anthias 5 Bartlett's Anthias 11 Yellow-tailed Blue Damsel 13 Green Chromis
  10. I have a good condition Tunze DOC 9002 skimmer. It's rated for a nano up to 52g. I used it for about 5 months on my mantis shrimp tank, but I took that tank down. It works great. Item at Marine Depot $135 shipped in the continental US. Reply or pm if interested. I accept paypal or gco.
  11. Reeftuners.com - New DIY Msg Board

    Haha oh well it was fun while it lasted.
  12. 20L lighting opinons

    I am moving to a 20L to get rid of the need for MH. I have a 30g cube I am taking down, so I will not need to run a chiller.
  13. oceanic 140g

    From the short side: The left side: Those adorable clowns: One macro that came out decent... Seriatopora hystrix:
  14. 20L lighting opinons

    I am thinking of going either 4x24w T5HO on an upcoming 20L... or 2x24w T5HO + 1x65w PC to save on costs... Does anyone think the T5/PC combo would be too weak to keep semi-light demanding stony corals? All my SPS... at least the ones that need a lot of light are already in my main tank.
  15. Post fts of your 20L

    175w Iwasaki.