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  1. haha, neat pic
  2. wha't the difficulty of keeping that compared to reefs?
  3. very nice
  4. $100? Saw someone was selling...either here or RC right?
  5. I like him to share this on a car forum
  6. This is a site for reefs
  7. Nice Shot....too bad it's not with you anymore.
  8. LCD

    It's not nano nor a reef...I don't get it.
  9. Looks like your move was a success, congrats and looking good.
  10. Nice first entry...good luck.
  11. Just pull at them. You can use a plastic knife from fast food places to cut the stalks.
  12. looks like lap. did you shave or wax? you're going to have a hairy boat soon.
  13. Looks good, also looks like a semi new old?
  14. It looks like a smaller nanocube or minibowl. What kind of substrate are you using?
  15. That would suck if there was a pointy rock just small enough to fit inside the cage while you're rolling over, then you would be in trouble.