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  1. Matt's 34g Solana Reef Diary

    Welcome back, I've been out of the loop as well. Just dropping in to check out things out. Good luck with this tank.
  2. Lay's 14G Biocube

    Good start, I would prefer more rock.
  3. 28g JBJ HQI Club....

    These NanoCubes with 150W MH look really sweet.
  4. Great AquaScaping! One of the nicer BB setups I've seen. The colors are so vivid they draw your eyes up at the corals you don't even notice the lack of substrate.
  5. Shao-lin's 24g nanocube

  6. New nano cube 24 DX

    not the mini carpets. they're really colorful and grow to be only about 2-3in wide. they multiply quickly too. you can usually find local reefers selling them about $10-20 a peice.
  7. New nano cube 24 DX

    6/4-line is my favorite. You can also add colt coral, hammer or frogspawn, trumpet or candycane, open brain, mini carpet anemone, acans, pretty much any softies and lps. Its more interesting if you mix in different colors and textures. Good luck.
  8. Irish's Aquapod Documentary

    Tank looks good so far. Nice choice of equipment too.
  9. ? on DIY 70w NC Retro

    The peice that came with your fixture is probably tempered too, trying to cut it down will shatter it if it is tempered. My suggestion is just getting another peice cut to size and getting that tempered.
  10. DIY acrylic office nano suggestions

    how about a cylinder shape tank?
  11. Custom Frag Tank

    It's hard to keep the color of sps even directly under PCs. Maybe some lower light demanding ones like caps, digi, hydno. Where is the plumbing going to? The sump?
  12. DIY Aquapod Stand

    People think DIY and try to lowball you and don't realize it takes more time and effort.
  13. ? on DIY 70w NC Retro

    I bonded my 70w MH to the canopy with high temp epoxy, lots of it. I used the UV glass over the bulb/reflector like the way it comes from the manufactur. I then cut out a large square out of the splash guard, pretty much all of it except for the perimeter, got a peice of glass just larger than the hole and used epoxy again. This has held up for 2 years and just began to fall appart. Good luck.
  14. DIY Aquapod Stand

    Unless you outsource it to India Really nice stands!
  15. It would be difficult for him to lower prices that much more without loosing too much money since 30% of the proceeds will go to me, isn't that right POOPchiePooh?