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    according to the website you pulled the picture from, it's a Midas Blenny. Live Aquaria agrees. http://liveaquaria.com/product/prod_displa...atid=83&N=0
  2. Attaching Leather

    I've used womens hose before--either cut the foot off of one, or get the 'knee highs' that are nude/sheer in color and put the frag in with a piece of rubble for a week or so, and it will attach, and you can move it where you want it.
  3. Then don't worry about them. The pod population surges initally as they eat the grunge from the uncured rock and the tank cycles. They'll die back to proper levels for the tank.
  4. How long has the tank been up? If it's a new tank, many will die off as the tank 'balances' itself out. Also, what size tank, if you still want fish recommendations....
  5. only able to keep 1 fish alive?

    Have them check the salinity in your tank. Also, fish stores usually have lower salinity than what we have in our tanks at home. Keep in mind that temp. effects the salinity as well. If you're overfilling the tank, and then not adding RO to redilute the salt in the tank, your salinity may be out the roof. Salt doesn't evaporate with the water. Just something to check. I don't think one fish would be using up all of anything in the tank. I have 3 fish in a 12 nanocube. 2 black clowns and a clown goby. Plus quite a bit of coral. So, one fish in a 29 isn't much at all.
  6. only able to keep 1 fish alive?

    What are you using to check the salinity in your tank? Refractometer or swing arm hydrometer? If it's a swing arm, have someone with a refractometer check it for you. When you mix your water, do you have a heater in the bucket, and a small powerhead? How long do you let the water mix before doing a water change? How do you do top-offs? Are you supplementing your tank with anything?
  7. **FloorLord**

    He got a website at all?
  8. Where you do buy your camera bodies, lens, etc.

    http://www.newegg.com http://www.adorama.com/ http://www.bhphotovideo.com/ and of course, check amazon for their prices...
  9. Ever buy from coralsplus.com?

    From their site: FREE SHIPPING Be sure to take advantage of our FREE shipping offer for all live goods. But don't wait long this offer expires soon. All live goods will be shipped USPS Express Overnight free of charge on orders $99.00 and larger. Live Rock and sand are excluded from this offer. Your discount will be taken after check out by us re-crediting your card as long as you pick USPS Express on the shipping option in checkout.
  10. Can I use this light for 4mm glass?

    If you have the JBJ cube, I don't think it will fit. The clamp part has to go too deep into the tank, and is to wide to fit in between the baffels in the back. I have the same light on my 33 cube....
  11. Lawnmower blenny....depending on your tank size. These guys get fairly big....
  12. 150W too much?

    Just keep in mind the 20K bulbs are really 'blue' looking. http://www.coralreefecosystems.com/ltg_bulb_color.htm
  13. I guess my husband's lucky. I actually got HIM started in the hobby---so now it's more of an obsession---we're constantly thinking about the 'next' tank. :-D
  14. Anyone interested in torch coral frags?

    Your dad probably has a wall hammer, where you have the branching hammer.
  15. what fish are best

    I've always read at least four inches of sand for the jawfish. Don't forget the more sand you add, the less water volume you have, so the less fish you should keep.