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  1. doncb

    Pump not working

    No need to take the water out. The pumps are usually held in place by suction cups so you might need to work at it.
  2. doncb

    DIY cassette case surface skimmer

    The source would be your fish, food, corals, etc. It's a biological film. A surface skimmer keeps the crud off the surface which has obvious benefits along with the side benefit of helping to keep a more constant level in the back chambers if you have a regular skimmer. I had a cassette case surface skimmer on my old 24DX years ago.
  3. doncb

    salt level low

    The difference you're talking about is .002. Don't sweat the small stuff. The salinity in the ocean changes during the day too. Your corals an fish won't notice that small difference. If you use a refractometer to test salinity the readings will be pretty accurate. If you are using a swing arm tester your readings can be off by as much as .010 or more. You ARE using a refractometer aren't you?
  4. doncb

    28 Gallon Nano Cube Pump issues

    I've had my 28hqi for over 1 1/2 years and have always had "crud" floating in the water. Never had the problem on m JBJ 24DX. The problem starts with the poor design of the back area. If you use the wave maker, tank water is actually drawn from the tank into the back through the idle pump. I had a Hydor deflector on one side and there was enough flow that the thing would rotate backwards! So unfiltered tank water is pulled into the back and then blown out through the running pump. The filter also fills up rapidly and then unfiltered water goes over the top of the basket and right back out into the tank. I'd guess only 60% of the water is actually being filtered. You can run both pumps at the same time, but you do have to have the water level up pretty high in the back. Above the top of the divider between the skimmer & heater chambers and the pump chambers. I've heard of the elbows being loose on the back wall too. I just finished a mod to my 28hqi where I made it more like the old 24DX. I blocked off the flow from the heater chamber to the right pump. Now, all the water flows from the center chamber to the skimmer chamber over to the left pump chamber and also under the chambers to the right pump. Both pumps run at the same time. Another problem with the stock wave maker is that if the power is interrupted, it re-sets and BOTH pumps run together. If the water level is set for one pump running, both pumps will suck the water down and blow tons of air into the tank.
  5. doncb

    28g Nano-Cube HQ1 VS. 28g CF-QUAD

    The HQI will give the most for the $$ since the lighting is better than CFL. You get 45watts more light and the "shimmer" effect like in the ocean (MH / HQI is point source light). That would mean less of a need for modding. Of course that doesn't mean you won't mod it. Things like that just seem to happen. LED lighting has advantages over CFL or MH. Less heat to the tank. Lower energy use. The cost is higher up front but that would eliminate the annual bulb replacement costs. One question I have on LED set ups is how easy is it to replace one LED if it goes out? Anems. can do OK in a nano but I think that should be something to think of down the road.
  6. doncb

    Water temp in Nano 28g HQI

    When I bought my 28hqi the room temp was a constant 75. The tank would go up to 85 - 86 when the lamp was on and nothing else but the pumps. I bought a chiller which solved the problem, but since the tank is in our living room I didn't like the noise level when the chiller kicked in. A few months ago I took a CPU cooling fan from a Dell PC (very quiet fan) and have it blowing across the water. I had to raise the hood slightly and notch the rear of the hood but It keeps the temp at 79 - 81 and no need for the chiller. The down side is that the evaporation is way up. I'd try some type of fan cooling and get or DIY an ATO. I've been doing some mods on my tank as I think JBJ had a better rear area design on the 24DX tanks. I need to start up a tank thread one of these days.
  7. doncb

    My Nano Cube 28-gallon CF-QUAD Log

    Your tank is looking good. As far as the pump goes, I'd take it out and see if there might be something causing the noise. I've had sand get into a pump on a new setup before. If you replace it, buy something like a MJ1200.
  8. doncb

    fuge ideas for a Nanocube HQI

    I'm thinking about adding a fuge to my 28hqi. Space is tight around mine and I'll probably end up building one. I think a HOB type is probably the best bet. The problem w/ your plan is that the flow is split to the skimmer and heater chambers. Restricting the flow through the skimmer side will divert the flow to the heater side which means a lot of water w/n get filtered. I wish JBJ had kept the back chamber flow of the 24dx in the 28hqi. It was a lot easier to mod and worked better anyway.
  9. I know what you mean about not working right. I had to have JBJ replace the air pump and wavemaker. The wavemaker I use is the MJ one. Been really happy w/ it.
  10. doncb

    How long before changing T-5 bulbs?

    The thing about FL lamps that has the greatest affect on a tank is not the change in intensity, but the shift in the spectrum. As the lamps age (really any lamp) the light spectrum from the lamps shift. You can't see it but it's there. No mater what type of lighting, I'd change the lamps between 9 - 12 months.
  11. Just wrap teflon pipe tape around the fitting to make a snug fit.
  12. Do yourself a favor and don't bother with the warranty claim. Go buy 2 MJ1200 pumps and a different wavemaker. The MJ 1200's will give better flow & Dr's F&S has a wavemaker / powerstrip that alows 3 pumps to alternate (and has 3 additional outlets) that doesn't suffer from the design flaws the JBJ one does. The stock wavemaker has 2 very serious design flaws. 1) If you plug the wavemaker in without the pumps plugged in to it first, it can blow the wavemaker. 2) Any time the power "blips", the wavemaker will re-set and both pumps will run. The pumps then suck the water down in the back and the pumps will suck air filling the tank w/ micro bubbles and possibly burning out the pumps. Just as information, when I set my 28HQI up I had it on a GFCI and every time the lamp came on, the GFCI tripped even though the ballast wasn't plugged into the GFCI.
  13. doncb

    Which skimmers fit the JBJ 28g?

    I tried the Prizm Deluxe HOB skimmer and it was just too loud and would take too much cutting to work. Add in the chiller and the fans and..... The stock skimmer works pretty well.
  14. doncb

    Noise from NanoCube 28g HQI

    I know what you mean about the water temp. When I got mine the temp would go to 86 with only one pump and no lights! I got a chiller and put it in the stand. Talk about LOUD! I have it in the den and we darn near have to turn up the TV volume with the chiller and the hood fans running. The air pump sounded like a jackhammer too but JBJ replaced it and it is quiet.
  15. doncb

    Nano Cube HQI ballast

    I've had my 28HQI since earlier this year and I had the ballast in the stand at first for good clean looks since the tank is in our living room. I had to move the ballast out as it got so hot it was almost too hot to touch so I have it sitting on the floor next to the stand. On the plus side, I probably won't need to run the heat in the house as much. I asked JBJ about the hot ballast (along w/ other problems) and all they said was yes they get hot. With that much heat, I expect it to fail sooner than it should. Next year, I plan on getting the electronic ballast kit fron nano-tuners. Other issues I've had: > I had to buy a chiller since my temps would go up to 86f with only one pump running in a 77f room. Even now with the room @ 75f the chiller still cycles and keeps the tank @ 80f. JBJ says about 50% of owners buy chillers. They never would address the fact that temps would go up to 86f with only one pump running (no lights or anything else) in a 77f room. > The stock air pump for the skimmer had to be replaced as it started sounding like a jack hammer. On the other hand, the new pump is very quiet and the skimmer produces a good dark skimate. > I can't get the water "clear". There's always a good amount of particulates floating in the water no matter how much filtration I have. The only way I've gotten it to stop is to turn off all the pumps. I even keep the back chambers clean. I know that water gets sucked in the outlet on teh side that the pump is not running on. > With the stock "wavemaker" if the power blips or goes off when it starts back up, both pumps turn on and it sucks the water level in the back down to the point that the pumps suck air. JBJ says to just add more water in the back. Sorry JBJ, I tried that and almost overflowed the display. > If you plug in the wavemaker without at least one pump plugged into the wavemaker the wavemaker is likely toast. I replaced mine with a different one from Dr's F&S. > I had to replace the stock lamp after only 5 months due to a drop off in intensity and color shift. So now I have a hot, loud tank in my living room. Don't get me wrong, I like the tank, but if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't get a JBJ.