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  1. No, he's not dead. He hosts in the brain at night. The first time I saw it I thought the brain was having sushi! He likes to "sleep" on his side.
  2. My Clown "in bed".
  3. Taken in my Nano Cube. I thought the closeness of the two snails and the difference in size was interesting.
  4. Asterinas are generally considered OK. I have a bunch in my tank and they go around eating algae. Never touched the corals.
  5. Ya know, ya shouldn't try to stuff so many packing peanuts in the tank. Something is bound to give. Besides, there's no room for any fish. (Man, I feel your pain.)
  6. It is a Pulsing Xenia. A soft coral. Supposed to grow fast and spread. Got it for my first coral since it is supposed to be hardy.
  7. They normally run off 12vdc but you can run them at a lower voltage to reduce the intensity. I run them @ 6vdc. The power supply I bought has a voltage selector.
  8. From what I read, the in the wild lifespan is 3 - 5. Captive is 5 - 8.
  9. CCFL = Cold Cathode Fluorescent. Got these @ Fry's Electronics for $14.95. Normally used to mod computer cases. CCFL is nice because there is no heat. Normally you run these @ 12vdc but you can drop the voltage down to dim the light. 6vdc is about the lowest on these before one of the tubes doesn't light all the way across.
  10. Thanks! Took me 4 tries to get it where I liked it. In person it looks even more like a reef wall. Nice & uniform.