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  1. Looks like a very informative list- my suggestion would be to add a column for min gal tank for each fish also on the 10 gal set-up maybe a price list to give an idea what equip -set up etc. costs are and/or total cost I think you can get pictures of fish from http://www.ffexpress.com/setfish.htm (Edited by snafuforyou1 at 5:38 pm on June 11, 2002)
  2. it will work as long as there is no back door-be sure the hole is completely plugged and there's no other way out- I currently have the same problem and will get a pep shrimp if you want to place a peppermint shrimp in there it will love to eat them-as long as the aiptasia are not too large- be aware that pep shrimp will eat your small feather dusters too-and a few members had mentioned the peps picking at some corals? though i've never experienced it.
  3. stryf3 (im sure you heard this many times before)-your wrong- WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES- i remember reading a post a while back that read -how many of you overstock your tanks- it sure got a lot of hits and the majority of them were successful-clown w/anemone tanks along with other fish if you read the original post the xenia were small to begin with-the lfs didnt see them on the rock they hitch-hiked on(neither did I) when i purchased the anemone that was on the same rock. have you never moved animals into a bigger tank because of growth? a common occurrence in reefkeeping. i think that TOYFREEK may have a good definition for you-ck the above post -you sure your not a politician- for someone that has NO COMMENT you do a lot of commenting and usually not about the question at hand, but your rudeness surrounded by redicule and crticism- However your knowledge is appreciated but, a little less sarcasm please- it would benefit the many people who frequent this board that you shared your knowledge- without being so critical -that would be more appreciated FISH04 thx for you comments I believe they were meant for me not printer. Yes- I am sel-fish. aren't we all sel-fish by placing a little piece of the ocean in are homes and offices?I understand your concern for the fish in my tank and I can appreciate that. I wasn't aware of the iodine sup- can you give info on how much to add, how often and which brand is best? Also Can you give stryf3 a few pointers on tact? Printer no diatoms since i've been using the NSW-only problem I currently have is aiptasia-i picked up a hitchiker awhile back and it has become large-it didnt bother me at first -it was next to some red sea grass and they looked pretty good next to each other- My problem is i have seen seen a few small ones recently--argghhhhh - i'm thinking a pep shrimp to irradicate the prob-even though it will prob eat all my tiny feather duster worms cause the aiptasia are locted in places i can't get to and I don't want to tear down the tank. The xenia are doing fine- they have opened up more and i count more than 20 on this rock now!-maybe they didnt like being in the fish store-they were unnoticeable when i looked at them in the tank they were in. Also the clown has made the new smaller anemone its home! It is very interesting watching it slowly becoming acquainted with it. Maybe it was building up it's immunity? The clown has been removing objects from and sweeping sand away from the anemone all morning. It's funny watching it trying to wrap the anemone around itself like it was a blanket. Again what surprises me is he doesn't defend his territory from the others. The other fish hang out right in front of the anemone and they don't get any reaction from the clown! Sometimes I'm afraid they'll get too close and be stung. If I get hold of a digital I'll post a picture. It's a gr8 tank and I have been enjoying it. Thx again for the help and info (Edited by snafuforyou1 at 5:36 pm on May 24, 2002)
  4. karlas- same thing happens with my bi-color goby :-) (Edited by snafuforyou1 at 11:03 am on May 23, 2002)
  5. Not a very good analogy the maroon was placed in the tank when it was a juvy-very small about 1" in size. It has now grown some and may get too large for the tank. Also the xenia i tried befor was very small and it was a single branch. That was about 1 1/2 yrs ago. Currently he is becoming acquainted with the new smaller sebae anemone I placed in a few days back. At first he stayed on the opposite side of the tank in a small cave and wanted nothing to do with it. (he missed the large BTA). He hasn'y bothered any of the others and is doing fine. If I keep trading the large pieces back to lfs for credit. I may have a source of free corals.
  6. Helloooo everybody, The xenia are looking fine. Now I am able to count 20 stalks! They are beige in color and some are about 1/4" in ht. Some are very tiny the size of a pin head. I can't tell if they pulse as the current hit off the glass and onto them. I am going to redirect current and see if they will pulse. Thx for you comments and advice Snaf
  7. I agree with pulp. Clowns have been known to attack clowns of other species as well as their own. The trick is getting clowns(of the same species) that are young and place them in your tank before they can establish their territory. This does not guarantee success but you will have a better chance of a matted pair this way. Snaf
  8. unfortunately ...now, i really feel sorry for the clown, if this is really the case..then there is an abnormal growth for the clown, i know people that kept maroon clowns for over a year...and they grow very fast.... if you look at a 1 year old maroon clown and look how small a 10 gallon tank is....IMO it is way too big for the tank.... Like i said Printerdown01!!! NO COMMENT.... cuz unfortunately, i dont care if he has 3, 5, 10 fish in there, and add a lion fish with it.....its his tank, and i have nothing to do with it...so NEVER, EVER, EVER bring my name up like that... i have NO COMMENT to the both of you, cuz you both have the same problem...he has one in a 10 and you have on in a 12...even if you know what the drawbacks are, you still do it, regardless what the future size will be... like you said, you have one, but dont encourage nor condone other people from doing it... meaning you know its not a good idea, not a good example, and definately not recommended, but you still do it. why? because you "think" your an exemption from others. So you have fun and good luck.. my friend for having no comment you sure comment alot and BTW u haven't mentioned anything about the XENIA-hello
  9. yep -all for over a year now-the maroon is getting too big for the tank also-i know its a lot of fish-most people will say its overlaoded - but no problems-the biggest surprise is the clown hasn't tried to boss anyone around yet and he's the biggest fish. stryf3-I'm looking on advice for the xenia-thx for commenting with no comment
  10. Hellooooo everybody, I've had my 10 gal tank set up for close to 2 years. I had a BTA and a colt that became too big so back to the lfs they went for credit. I returned with a smaller sebae anemone. The next day I noticed some small xenia which came with the rock the anemone was on. (lucky me). However I tried xenia before with no luck in my tank. I'm not quite sure why? My lighting is 84 w of pc. 1 24w white 24 blue 1 36 w Water parameters are: am-0 nitrite-o ph-8.2-8.3 nitrate-0-5 other inhabitants are: maroon clown- yellow coris-bi-color blennie- clown goby- candy anemone various mushrooms(they keep reproducing) green polyps red sea grass green algae I also discovered a yellow sponge growing when I removed the colt. I have about 15 lbs ls and 15 lbs of lr I do weekly water changes of 3 gal. using NSW all animals are doing well and are growing. as mentioned the colt coral and BTA had to be removed because they grew too large. The bta actually split in this tank a few months back! What are specific needs of xenia? I didn't notice them at first but the otherday i saw 3 on the rock with the anemone today i see 9. I sure would like to help them grow and thrive. Any advice would be appreciated. TIA :jump: Snaf
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