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  1. very pretty.
  2. ooo purdy
  3. Your elegance is soooooo nice
  4. very pretty
  5. FTS

    wow. Its very beautiful. It has a whispy fantasy look to it.
  6. wow thats a lot of nems
  7. so nice. I love cloves and that is such an awsome pic of them.
  8. wow. what all in one is that? the 28jbj?
  9. Sorry to say but it doesnt matter where your water or LR comes from it needs to cycle. It may have a quick cycle but 4 days is still too short to have a cycle. Listen to the people here they are smart and have a lot of experience. Take everything back for now get it put on hold or something then check all your params. Once the cycle is over wait another 2 weeks then slowly add your livestock and that means add one item every week or two. Dont just dump everything in. This is a hobby which tests patience. Good luck to you
  10. Sorry to say but doesnt this shot look like the scene from finding nemo when marlin was looking out of his home hoping nothing bad happened to his wife?
  11. soooo your running what kind of a skimmer? lol
  12. ewwww
  13. i love that tank setup what kind of lighting do you have on that beauty? and what kind of rock is that?
  14. So pretty
  15. OWWWWWIIIIEEEEEE!!!! ya that white around your boo boo is from the bandaid. It happens to me whenever i leave a bandaid on too long. Moisture gets in under the bandaid and stays there because of the pad. i can tell you left yours on for more than a day LOL. anyway just leave it for a bit and it will go back to normal. let the air get to the wound, it will heal faster espically since the doc said its not infected.