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  1. The Forest Edge

    put in even an airstone or something for now for airation just until you can get another powerhead.
  2. ska's 28gal macro algae display

    I am strongly considering adding 6 sexy shrimp and a candy pistol shrim to the system. Any opinions on this?
  3. Planted Marine Pico

    The tank is looking lovely
  4. Halimeda went sexual

    Let it finish going sexual. Its easy enough to remove afterwards if you dont want it.
  5. ska's 28gal macro algae display

    I purchased them online on one of the planted tank forums a couple of years before I started up my salty tank. Its difficult to find in Canada so some people buy it in bulk and then sell it. Thats how I got mine. You dont need much so if you get a pound or two, it will last a while.
  6. ska's 28gal macro algae display

    Yes I do dose. I dose KNO3, KH2PO4, iron, iodine, calcium/magnesium, baking soda, trace and amino acids. I also feed the fish daily and and feed the corals a variety of foods weekly. similar to pinecone in shape but no. It has a thinner 'trunk' you can see in the picture. It also has branches and leaves just like a tree.
  7. ska's 28gal macro algae display

    Yes it did explode in a month didnt it. lol. That purple macro does look like blue ball. Im hoping so. And that green one is like a tree. It has a single branch that resembles bamboo with all the ridges on it but the ridges are much much closer together. It feels rough.Actually its exactly like those wood stick instruments we played when we were kids where you rubbed the two ribbed sticks together to make sounds. And then there are branches comming out of the top and then the green leaves. It looks really pretty and it was a hitch hiker. I have no idea what it is but ive been looking. Its really nice though. bright green.
  8. ska's 28gal macro algae display

    Took a few more shots today while my son was having a nap.
  9. ska's 28gal macro algae display

    Dont think I can ship across the border and have the macro survive. But if anyone in Canada wants some Im willing to sell
  10. ska's 28gal macro algae display

    Update. This picture has not been altered in any way. Im just showing the growth Ive had. Anyone want some macro ?
  11. ska's 28gal macro algae display

    similar yes but they arent. I still have no idea what they are but your ID is on the right track
  12. ska's 28gal macro algae display

    Yes Im glad things are recovering rather well but only time will tell. I need to do a major trim on the tank of the grape calpura to give some of the other macros a chance. For sure I can send you some when there is enough I have no idea what those maggot things are. I wish i did. OH I also found a crab in the tank. Its teeny and I tried catching him but he ran away Hes nocturnal as far as I can tell and was munching on who knows what but at least it wasent my coral... yet. If i find him again hes comming out just so i can get a good look at him. He almost seemed clear ish to me. But it was dark so im not sure. He also seemed hairy. hmmm
  13. Pod Poo?

    My pod population has come back with a force finally. The last few weeks Ive noticed the ones on the glass with very long green strings comming from their bums. When i say long i mean LONG like 8-10x the lenth of their body. Some are longer. What the heck is that. Is it all poo? That would be a lot of poo. lol
  14. ska's 28gal macro algae display

    Its only been a few days but already I am seeing some growth. My sargassum is sprouting some new leaves all over, my calpura prolifera has little leaf buds all along the stems and the unknown calcilferous macro has white tips all over like an birdsnest sps. My softies are getting pretty happy too, ive never seen them so puffed up and happy looking Ive noticed some new macros too. They are hitch hikers. Theres one that looks like a fern on the end of a palm tree trunk and another that looks like cheato but its in straight stalks as if the cheato was grass. I havent seen the starfish since that day but I expected that. Hopefully things keep up and stay healthy and thrive.

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