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  1. Your thoughts

    Hey everyone.. Been out of the hobby a few years. Looking to set up my 8 gallon rimless cube. I had the par 30 boost led light but it didn't make it through storage and looks like they went out of business? Anyways I'm looking around and found this light http://www.ebay.ca/itm/1x-12-LED-Full-Spectrum-E27-Fixture-Aquarium-Coral-Reef-Light-All-water-PAR38-/131680189115?hash=item1ea8c03abb:g:nQ0AAOSwUdlWdR9G What are your thoughts? Will this be close to hat I had with the boostled bulb? I'm open to suggestions. Not looking to spend a ton. Thanks!
  2. Chemi Pure Elite

    Wow a lot of Chemipure haters..lol. You'll end up changing carbon and gfo often which you'll have to buy again and again. Plus the added cost of a phosban reactor and powerhead/pump. I've used both in my over 10 yrs of reef keeping and really I tend to sway more towards the chemipure elite. Change it every 4 months. Think how much carbon and gfo you'll go through in 4 or so months. Really though use what works for you but don't just start telling people stuff is sh!t.
  3. First tank: 5 g journal: from the beginning.

    The coral in question is a finger leather
  4. BoostLED PAR 30 bulbs with lamp clamps

    One PAR30 40 degree optics w/lamp clamp $70 plus shipping (should be around $20) includes tracking number and insurance.
  5. WTB - Par30 LED

  6. WTB - Par30 LED

    I've got 2 left. Pm me
  7. BoostLED PAR 30 bulbs with lamp clamps

    Thank You very much for everything. I'll be back in due time when life settles down a little. Upside is all new people will get to use your awesome lights:) 1 PAR30 60 degree optics and lamp clamp sold. 2 left. 1 40 degree and 1 60 degree. 2 lamp clamps also.
  8. BoostLED PAR 30 bulbs with lamp clamps

    Open to offers. No trades. Email me your offers at railcityfingerboards@gmail.com
  9. BoostLED PAR 30 bulbs with lamp clamps

    Depends where you live. PM me.
  10. Hello, I have 3 boostled par30 reef lamps. 2x 60 degree optics (3 Royal Blue, 1 Cool White, 1 Neutral White) 1x 40 degree optics (3 Royal Blue, 1 Cool White, 1 Neutral White) All 3 have the boostled par30 reef lamp fixtures. Excellent condition. Approx 6 months old. Would like to sell all three to one buyer. $300 USD shipped. Price is firm as shipping is crazy expensive from Canada. Serious inquiries only. Will throw in some extras in the package.
  11. Color changing background?

    Its either the Fluval EBI or Fluval Flora aquarium. I have an EBI and it's the same. I believe the Flora uses the same style.
  12. Care for st thomas

    I live in St.Thomas Canada;) Sorry I can't be of assistance. I wish I lived in the other St.Thomas though.
  13. Aquaticlife 115 skimmer for sale

    What's up brotha! What skimmer have you moved on to?