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  1. How do you "top-off" your nano reef?

    I use a float switch, battery powered air pump and two 2 liter bottles linked together. It's a nice piece of mind knowing that during these dry winter months the odds of my sump pump running dry while I'm at work are greatly reduced. Until I put a cover on my sump I would go through a 2 liter a day!
  2. 24 gallon Nanocube

    Has there been a verdict on this? I have a 24g JBJ and was hoping to do the same thing.
  3. JBJ 24G nano bottom

    Has anybody tried drilling the bottom of a 24g nano? Thinking of putting in a standpipe and flowing to a refuge, but unsure if the bottom is glass or acrylic. Thanks Sorry, posted in wrong forum. can it be moved to the proper location? first post and i screwed up already