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  1. 70W MH DE bulb on ebay

    I just bought metal halide bulbs of ebay. I ordered them as 13K bulbs, but they have a very yellow color to them. A lot of the people that I have talked to have had this problem, so i would recommend going all out and getting some high end light bulbs. This may help : oceanencounter.com they have some pretty cheap bulbs, but i havent ordered, so hell, they might have the same problem too.
  2. Power Sweep

    A lot of people i have heard said that they don't work at all. I have had one in my 25 gallon for well over a year and it still works. I haven't even cleaned yet! I'm pretty satisfied with it.
  3. Coral Beauty

  4. Coral Beauty and Black Capped Basslet

  5. 5g hex 4 months

    Thats tiny! What kind of lighting are you running?
  6. 15g Tall - 4 Months Old :)

    Thanks! I wish i could keep this tank up, but I'm moving it all into a new 46 gallon reef setup.
  7. 15g Tall - 4 Months Old :)

    I wanted to post a picture of my new aquascaping, so i decided to now. This is my 25 gallon FOWLR with around 30 lbs of base rock and around 15 lbs of live rock. Most of the rock i had in there before I ended up taking out, so i have a coralline shortage. Your tank is really nice i have to say. I love your clowns! X
  8. 25 Gallon FOWLR

  9. Pics from National Aquarium in Baltimore

    Haha, that one of the gator is really nice. I have been to the Baltimore Aquarium several times, and i thought it was really nice. Sucks that i really dont remember it that well, i was only about 8 back then.
  10. Trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific

    Some of those pics are really awsome! I would love to travel and visit some of the aquariums that I've seen pictures of on here.
  11. Everything For Sale !!!!!

    Hah.....a Regal Tang in a 10 gallon. It's probably a good thing that your tank is getting sold, maybe it will go to someone who actually gives a crap about the conditions the animals live in. Good job on the corals, but take some time to plan out the fish in your new tank. ; )