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  1. Nudibranch split?!?!

    might you have flatworms? How about a pic.
  2. It'll be a scratchy mess kids. It's too small for acrylic. Sorry Chris but I simply don't think you are on the right track here. Most of us are willing to pour big money into tiny tanks as you well know. Why not look into glass?
  3. That acrylic nano is going to look like hell in no time though scratched up from cleaning time. make me a glass one Chris and I'll buy, but acrylic will not stand the test of time.
  4. it gets covered in coraline in no time.
  5. your in tank water level will be lower then...
  6. Tidal variation and wave action in a nano. The wave would be short...but if you can do it I'll take one.
  7. ICA Discussion

    Quote****************************************** If the chiller fan only comes on when the chiller is on, the lights arent getting enough CFM to properly cool them. I really wish i had a big company and electronics up the ying yang, then id make it so the cooling fans only come on when needed (ie a laptop.) Chris ******************************** Chris can you not come up with a DIY controller which will turn fans on at a set temp and hit the chiller at a higher temp. I've seen posts for DYI temp controllers on the net??????? I have a reefkeeper so I don't need it but you must be able to come up with something that would cost less.
  8. Chamber 1 pump vs. return pump--Power?

    I don't filter my water other than special circumstances. I cycle one of my 2 pumps to vary the flow in my tank. Water will flow as hard as demand.
  9. Upgrading Fans - 60mm to 80mm

    the 80mm will not allow much more flow as it will end up blocking air movement. I've tried many different fans. Ambient is all that matters once you pound in the lights. If you have a stock nano then go with a dedicated 12v adapter for the fans, it'll pump more air with a bit more noise. The upgraded lights will hardly affect the temps if you pump the fans. The stock nano at my LFS runs at higher temps than my moded cube without the ICA. I'm keeping my cube below 81 now with stock fans on a Larnie. Nothing other than ambient will help at this point. Of course my ICA is due any day which will give me balance...and hopefully lower my ac bill. you bet my 60's run a bit louder at 12v than stock, but my nano has been running without my interaction...that speaks volumes. That damn little tank runs itself. We all do our own thing, ambient is much less up here in Ottawa but temps have been high. Forget about the 80mm and find a better fix. Go with the ICA (which I am about to attempt) or lower you ambient. the fan will only move the air within its environment
  10. ICA Discussion

    Sorry for taking over this thread... Back to ICA
  11. ICA Discussion

    jelly fish type thing aye. that is odd. I wonder what it will turn out to be?
  12. ICA Discussion

    Nice tank shot. What is with the ??amonia?? test tube and the plastic container in the rear? Temp up here in the great white north have been crazy lately. We were in the 90's last week. I was in the Keys and New Orleans in April and it was 10-15 degrees warmer up here. Global warming isn't happening right???
  13. Upgrading Fans - 60mm to 80mm

    In my experience the stock fans do a fine job. I have tried others and have found some larger fans to be ineffective. The fans aren't going to make the difference I don't think. Pull down ambient temps or buy the ICA form nanocustoms.
  14. Chamber 1 pump vs. return pump--Power?

    No I have the stock return pump and a maxi 400 in chamber 1. The maxi is more powerful. It doesn't matter which pump is stronger, they are both turning over water. I suggest cycling one of the two pumps, I do the chamber 1 pump.
  15. ICA Discussion

    Thanks Cyberguru. How successful have you been at keeping your cube at a specific temp? I am going to keep my ambient tmeps at the same level year round in the hopes that I can keep my nano within a 2 degree margin. I am anxious to see what the ICA and my hydro company(powering my ac) can do. Up here in Ottawa I regularily go to an excellent LFS. Between them and the service I recieve from Chris things run very smoothly.