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  1. I have two hammer frags. I cut them 3 months ago, both have grown since cutting and are fully healed.
  2. I don't have an ATO in there yet. That's the next step. How high do people usually keep the level in there? This is only like a 1-2" drop.
  3. Just throwing this out there.... I can do PCB layouts if needed...
  4. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is with the bubble baffle in my sump. It stops pretty much all of the bubbles from coming through, but creates bubbles when the water falls into the return section. I was thinking of drilling some holes to allow it to flow easier, but I'd rather not just try things and have to rip it apart later. ideas?
  5. I see what you're saying now. Depends on how bad you LR came out from the crash. Best bet is to run it with a skimmer and hope for the best.
  6. Not sure I understand what you're asking... Are you saying that you are just starting your tank, using uncured LR and LS and you want to put corals in now? You say you want to move them, so does that mean you have somewhere to keep them? You could run the skimmer to help the corals out if you have to put them in, but you aren't going to get as strong of a bio-filter built up since you're mechanically removing stuff before the bacteria can. I wouldn't put anything in that tank until you've got it cycled. It's one this if you are using all cured stuff from an established tank, it's another to start from scratch.
  7. I have a Mag12 on my 90G and I think it's a lot. I'm with everyone else, don't think it is appropriate.
  8. Someone else may correct me, but I've always thought it was least aggressive to most aggressive in terms of order. Not sure about all of them, but my six-line left everything in the tank alone. He just spent his days picking at pods.
  9. You talking about the one that was featured in last quarter's free reef magazine? That was the flaming prawn goby.
  10. At a minimum you are right. I want to have more control than that though. There is a gap in the center also that requires me to be able to boost the center LEDs a bit brighter to avoid a dark spot. I'm also playing with some neato lightning effects just for fun. I was thinking I could try putting two frags of the same coral on opposite ends and vary the lighting slightly to see if there is a noticeable difference in growth.
  11. Could be some in the back chambers though. What does the water look like? Is it small particles floating around or does it just look cloudy? If particles... do they float to the surface or just blow around?
  12. I've always blamed my emerald on all of my mysterious fish loss. The pistol just doesn't seem to bother with any fish other than it's goby friend.
  13. That's what I'm really afraid of. The mat has already grown off of the rock it is on, over the sand and touched a rock in my 24g for like a day. I noticed and fragged some off of it, and now... GSP on the same rock as my hammer coral. The hammer does seem to keep it in check. Doll head eh... I might have to try that. My nieces might not appreciate it though
  14. Interesting idea.... where would you put that in this setup? Maybe front left?
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