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  1. new chalice
  2. sea squirt harmless filter feeder
  3. started off completely brown and plug was 1/2 encrusted.
  4. thx.
  5. orange crush echinata
  6. much brighter than kessile.
  7. 50 gallon cube with Kessil A150 ocean blue
  8. 4 day old 60gallon cube. doing a soft cycle, and a few test corals where added. tricolor validia, orange crush acan, blue cloves, blue tubbs zoas, purple monti cap, capt america zoas, purple and green zoas, palys. all stuff i have plenty of in the main tank. 1 yellow tailed damsel as well. changing 20% water every 4 days for the first 3 months, then 20% every 2 weeks there after.
  9. 3 nems, a bunch o turbos, zoas montis, acros and a red micro, tank is 30L with herbie overflow, 1500gph return on a sqwd and 2 1500gph chinese koralia knockoffs. light is 250w HQI 20k halide. fish: pair of clowns, yellow watchman, 1 huge pagama cardinal, 1 ascention goby
  10. it's cyano. increase flow, do more water changes to drop the trates to 0 and check phosphates.
  11. 1 years of growth from a single polyp