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  1. How long have you had your tank?

    about 8 years for my 75g
  2. Acan growth - how does it work?

    it will build its skeletal structure with time. I keep mine on the sand and they do fine.
  3. palythoa grandis toxicity question

    I always wear gloves and a face shield when fragging. I was more curious about while doing water changes and feeding, since I don't use gloves for that. if the grandis release their palytoxins into the water I'll make sure to wear some gloves when servicing the tank. the polys are about 3" in diameter and look very toxic and nasty. The guy I got them from refused to touch them even with gloves. and warned me about how potent they are.
  4. Which feed water adapter for RO/DI?

    I run mine on my kitchen faucet. I picked up a faucet adapter that converts the faucet to hose fitting. scew in the rodi and use a float valve in my collection bucket. works great for me.
  5. does anyone know if t palythoa grandis Release their palytoxins into the water when they aren't stressed or is it just in the tissue. basically should I get reef gloves when messing in my tank now that I have grandis. I've been keeping corals for a long time and know what I'm doing but have never kept highly toxic corals in the past.
  6. chalice

    new chalice
  7. Kessil A150w?

    I have the 20k version, it's a bit blue for my taste, not as bright as some of the off brand Chinese led fixtures but its almost strong enough to grow sps on the bottom of my 50g cube. the blue corals i have look almost black under the a150w but make the oranges really pop. spread wise 1 a150w at 6" from the top of the water almost fully covers 2ftX2ft of sandbed going through 2ft of water.
  8. IMG 0098

    sea squirt harmless filter feeder
  9. I have a single frag of about 20 polyps of purple and green zoas. frag is on a 1"x1" tile fully covered and growing (not a fresh cut frag) ~ 4 mo old local pickup in atlanta. mother colony and frag pictured. frag pic taken with flash under 10k lighting. mother colony pic taken under 20k
  10. biopelets

    im running a biopellet reactor connected to a skimmer and run gfo/phosban as well. tank hasnt had any issues yet and its been running a few moths. I feed alot to try and keep some nutrients in the water though
  11. Why does my Acan look like this?

    how old is the tank, what are your water parameters, what type of light , how big of a tank an what/how many fish. without that info its hard to tell whats happening.
  12. Zoanthid survive a new tank cycle?

    i've cycled a tank with corals in it. you'll just have to do a huge amount of water changes during the cycle, 20% (every day or two) and the cycle will usually take a lot longer. If you're willing to change water frequently, test your parameters daily for the first 3+ months it's doable. not recommended though. zoas are also fairly hardy when it comes to water chemistry.
  13. MP10 or RO/DI Next? **BRS RO/DI it is!

    the flow is more evenly dispersed from what i can tell. In my tank, its a noticeable change in polyp extensions on my sps. i was running a few koralia in the tank, switched to 1 mp10 and polyps are plumper on lps, and sps are extending more. Seems like the pump does help with coral growth a bit.
  14. Guide me with a $400 budget please...

    10g aga tank 10-15$ X2. drill it yourself glass drill bit on ebay ~7$. pick up 1 bulkhead from a fish store ~ 10$ use plastic Tupperwares in the sump so you don't have to make baffles, just get different sizes. this will also help with cleaning, so you can pull each compartment out. dry rock and a few pieces of live rubble. dry sand, mag 5 return pump and a taotronic led light ~160$. total should run you about 250- 350$, that light can grow sps. i run one on a 50gallon sps tank. just shop around.
  15. MP10 or RO/DI Next? **BRS RO/DI it is!

    i would go with RO/DI