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  1. Sump Design

    Thanks for the Post guys! I think i will do what is recommended in the last post; what is the experience with removing the very last baffle? I am assuming it is for micro bubble reduction,
  2. Sump Design

    Planning to upgrade to a drilled 65 Gallon Deep sand bed reef setup with a 29G sump. Aquarium: Aqueon 65 Drilled aquarium with overflow and durso stand pipe attachment. Im going to be using an ASM G2 Skimmer, refugium and Eheim 1262 pump setup and I would like to ask you guys which sump design would be best: Design One: Design Two: The main question I have is, does design one allow for evaporation to effect chamber 2 and 3 (I would probably reduce the baffle height going to chamber 3), which I would prefer so If the auto top off bucket went dry, or I forget to fill it or whatever reason, it would be less detrimental.
  3. Setup look good?

    Thanks for the input!! Ya basically I have everything figured out in terms of the basic needs, heaters, power heads etc etc. I would say after having my tank mature over the years I have a good idea how everything works in the nano world but going to the 65, with the sump and return thats a whole new world for me. So you would recommend the Eheim 1262, or is there possibly another quiet, relatively cost effective pump out there (cheaper wont hurt =])
  4. Setup look good?

    Hey Nano-Reefers I just wanted to get your guys' input on my upgrade plan. 65 Drilled Aquarium = $300 Matching Stand = $180 Dursopipe and return kit = $70 5 glass panels for sump = $75 Eheim 1260 = $160 Flexible tubing = $55 Sand (Live and Dry) = $120 Used Skimmer = $150 single media reactor = 70 Silicone = $8 (some prices are inflated to adjust for tax) I do have previous equipment coming from my old system, and I am leaving out some details such as lighting because I am still in the works in my retrofit for that. I plan on using my current 29Gallon AGA, for a sump, using the 5 glass panels as accounted for above. Basically my question is, am I missing anything that I should consider in my mandatory purchases Thanks, Josh.
  5. 10 Gallon Lighting

    http://www.rapidled.com/12-led-plug-n-play...t-kit-dimmable/ This and a 12$ heatsink. + shipping... + PVC pipes for a stand = 160ish. Or if you are good with a soldering iron, http://www.aquastyleonline.com/products/Aq...mmable-Kit.html (130ish Shipped) + 10 for PVC parts. I just built a 24LED kit (30 LEDs - bought extra) for my 29Gal, and its beautiful.
  6. Future LED fixture?

    alright, thanks! So 2 of the drivers on full load? How about ordering my LEDs from Steves LEDs/Cree imitation aswell? 2.50 a piece, 5 dollar shipping. I was also curious on something like this: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.52219. Just like the BoostLED, i can create a pendant or what not with just a simple socket, and have 2 of these on my tank, then only buy one driver for strictly blue leds? (giving that HQI+T5 kinda effect, and really cut down the DIY part. lol.
  7. Future LED fixture?

    Hey guys, So currently i have a 150W Halide over my 29G standard aquarium. Only housing pulsing Xenia and a sebae anemone (Fully produced dark brown zooxanthellae algae), properly fed etc etc.. and I want to switch to LED system for lower heat and generally lower costs over time... and seeing i have to go buy a 50 dollar bulb in the next bit i was thinking if i should just retrofit a lighting system for myself. But i haven't fully understood or at least i don't think so the ways on how a LED system will work. So my plan was to buy; The idea of this wasn't to fully light up the aquarium with equivalent lighting, but really to replace it; so if i had to concentrate the lighting more on the anemone that would be fine (as its in the center anyways). All help is appreciated but my main concern is using the correct driver and correct LEDs, and amounts. I'm shooting for a 12000K-14000K lighting fixture. Driver: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.42906 LEDS: 4 x White; http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.2394 6 x Blue; http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.1775 Other things i don't need help choosing on, but to keep in mind are, Heatsink, and Thermal compound and constructing materials. Thanks!
  8. Fish Stuck in Net

    i had something, i dont know what stuck to my clown's tooth, it came off after 2 days. feeding might help (dont over feed though, just feed normally and watch) as he/she may realize it came off and spit it out, thats what mine did.
  9. if you ever get a refugium, get some chaeto, for a small gain in money in the long run, without it i probably wont have my tank still going, because of their nutrient export and the money i got from them. and xenia, too if your LFS takes those in for trades... (im turning 14 next week and i started 2 years ago, took all my money from me =( --)
  10. small clown beat up the big one? Huh!

    Ive been reefing for awhile, and im still a Noob! ya, ive had many pairs but not matter what one dies or i take it out when they're basically floating. So i hope this one works, because it's the small one agaisnt the bigger one. Thanks for the help
  11. my two true perculas clowns have been in my 29 aquarium for atleast 2-3 months now, and doing all good and happy in their sebea anemone(healthy all brown and been growing for over a year) but now the small guy is attackinga nd nipping the bigger one, the top back dorsal fin, im not sure of the real name. What can be causing this? can i help this? They are both unmature to my knowlage, or they might be maturing? could this be a sign, but i never read on a smaller one attacking the larger one. Thanks (both added at same time)
  12. Well i finally bought a RO unit, and i topped off my tank, and now i don't know how to empty it for storage, How do you? or can you even, will it lower the life of the carbon and other filters.
  13. Mark's 30 Gallon Long

    the 175W looks nice, sand isnt that bad either. love the drumsticks.
  14. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    Happy birthday Nano-Reef! if it wasnt for nano-reef's staff and people who are suscribed to them, i wouldnt have spent 1000's of my $$$ on a hobby!! Thanks guys! It's been fun helping and gaining experience here. Awesome job. SO far ive travelled through 2 aquariums and on my third within 3 or 4 years. Good Luck to alll!
  15. 5g Hex pico reef halide requirements

    Theres been someone running a 250W on a 5.5 aga before, perfectly fine. The sun is only stronger in tropical areas. Just make sure its not heating the tank too much, extra fans(in fixture where possible) and outside if needed. i dont think it'll be needed inside though.