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  1. That is some nice looking BTA? wonder what it looks like fully coloured!
  2. Looks like a sebea behind. bleaching... SilverSIDES yummy! lets see that thing get brown!
  3. anemone looks exactly like mine!
  4. Has a really nice red and brown color. i would feed it more ten usual at the moment so it can regain its zooxanthellae faster.
  5. doesnt Harequin mean it eats the Family of Starfish (i forgot what it means) unless thats what you wanted.
  6. it would be cool if you can commonly get the whole body of the clown(excluding white stripes) to be the burning look like the head.
  7. did he eat that valonia
  8. Its called: "Coral with such Elegance" or other known as Elegance Coral
  9. i know ring cowries are reef safe, they are awsome algae cleaners either way, once mine got sucked up by the filter intake and started getting pulled out of its shell and died... i started growing algae on the glass daily which he would usually eat... when that stuff retracts from his shell look at it and search up ring cowrie. if they are the same Its good.
  10. its a mithrax 99% sure. not a emerald mithrax but a mithrax. looking as it has - hairy legs - and its pinchers have that big circlur round tips (lol dunno how to describe) made to pick on algae though (also softies if hungry)
  11. lol good old starcraft, used to play that lots. i always thought these were supposed to be endangered and only kept in the biggest (or well known) Aquariums :S
  12. poke it see if ur hand gets numb!!!! lol watch out for it, it may start eating on your coraline algae, im not sure but for me i would hate that.
  13. blue/green aglae, aka cyano.
  14. That is Crazy!, wee need to see that under some (470nm) Actinics!
  15. I was told by many people that they're Sponges, sponges that are sort of like a feather duster