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  1. Cloudy Water... Help fishes died too.

    Be careful, the mandarin police will be here shortly! I would recommed taking the remaining fish and corals out and seeing if you can keep him somewhere else while your new live sand finishes its die-off. Maybe your LFS could take them for a while?? Do you have a QT tank set up? Your tank will settle down eventually, but for now try to save what livestock you have left. If your mandarin relies on pods for food, the QT tank is going to starve him, so you may want to consider getting him into an established system soon. HTH
  2. Chaeto $10 shipped from Seattle

  3. SeaClone 100 Skimmer for sale...

    Yep, all parts included ) Any takers?
  4. Okay guys, don't laugh! I used this skimmer for only 1 month. I have just ordered the new AquaFuge PS which includes a skimmer so I don't need the SeaClone anymore. I've heard there are a few mods you could do that would make this thing rock, I'm just not a DIY person. I've also heard that you can mod this thing for use as a phos or calcium reactor, but I have no clue how you would do this. Feel free to check out the DIY forum here if you're interested, I'm sure someone there could lend you a hand. I considered selling this on e-Bay, which has a rocking market for them (believe it or not!), but I thought I'd offer it to you guys and gals first. I paid $80 for it a month ago.... Make me an offer! If you want it shipped I will charge an additional $6 for postal fees within the US.
  5. new AquaFuge PS with skimmer?

  6. 1.5L of chaeto

    Count me in! Let me know next time you have some available....
  7. Do any of you know anything about the new AquaFuge PS refuge? According to what I've found so far, it has a built-in Bac-Pak 2R protein skimmer, 295 gph Maxi-Jet powerhead, venturi adapter, and requires no supplemental plumbing. All for the low low price of $230! I need to get a new skimmer for my 75-gal anyway and was wondering if this combo would be worth my while. But I want to see if any of you have an opinion on it before I drop the cash...
  8. Anybody up for a sand exchange

    Hows about if I arrange for a pound of Garf grunge to get sent instead of a pound of sand from my newly cycled tank? I think a pound is like $5 plus shipping, which won't make me broke, and it should help the other sand get livened up!
  9. so mad.

    I've found that after being on a forum like this for a while, regardless of the topic, I learn who knows what they are talking about and who is just here to spread the misery. Once I find people who know their ######, I read the majority of their posts regardless of the forum and try to learn from them. Those who are blowing smoke you-know-where, I just ignore. Fred and Tigahboy, for example, are a few of the many knowledgable reef keepers here and I hang on their every word (no hero worship here I promise!). So for those of you who are newer than me, find some people who make sense to you and follow them like a starving dog ;O)
  10. Anybody up for a sand exchange

    Anything else been done on this - obviously the quest to make this sticky hasn't worked (yet)............
  11. Need advice on reefing and the little lady

    What's so bad about her hobby being reef keeping? You can split the cost of larger corals and frag them out, share the same bucket of salt........hehe
  12. When did Chemipure become fashion?

    I use it on one of my tanks, but I'm not ignorant enough to think that I can skip water changes or anything. Its just really good activated carbon from what I understand, I have heard good things about it from some people and others swear its snake oil. I figured its not too expensive so I'd give it a try. I agree, the product description sounds like it was created by magic or something!
  13. Anybody up for a sand exchange

    I would love to participate...my 75-gal has finally finished cycling so I don't know if you would want some of that sand (I did stock with live sand, although I don't see anything "live" about it...) Let me know!
  14. Need advice on reefing and the little lady

    Hehe, gotta tell ya, sometimes women have a way of playing dirty don't we? Its very possible that she knows she has your nuts in a salad shooter and she's enjoying watching you squirm My sister is like that, her shrink calls it "passive aggressive behavior". Like you get tired of your hubby leaving the toilet seat up so you hide the toilet paper then play dumb when he asks you about it.... Is it a coincidence that she wants all the best looking corals out of your tank?? Think hard on that one.... As for a solution, give her a frag of anything that you can and then take her to the LFS and buy her something there to fill in the gaps. Tell her how beautiful her tank is and that the best part in reefing is the pride you take in starting with a little frag and watching it grow into a healthy, mature coral....lay it on thick. She may be jealous of your tanks, thinking that you give them more attention than you give her. Good luck!
  15. Microbubbles from protein skimmer

    Mash2k, I'm really bad at DIY but I might give the pvc/sponge a try... And are you saying that I shouldn't use the prefilter sponge at all or just that I shouldn't use it for the DIY mod? Right now I have the pre-filter sponge and it is gross, plus a PITA to clean and change..... Thanks for the feedback!