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  1. Received the basket for my 20 cube... So happy! I hated the Waterbox filter socks... They clogged easy and were difficult to clean... The media basket makes maintenance so much easier and I am able to change out the floss a lot more often as apposed to the socks... Thanks Stevie!
  2. So I purchased a Derasa clam and it was very healthy and my tank is very established with no issues. I acclimated the clam and it looked great... that evening after the lights went down my Pom Pom crab started “inspecting” the clam... the clam retracted, but I figured the crab was just checking things out and would go about its business... in the morning nearly the entire clam was gone and the Pom Pom crab was inside the shell... is this known to happen or was it a fluke? Thanks for any feedback...
  3. On a cube 20, if you were only doing 1 basket, would you do the basket for chamber 1 or 2? I was thinking chamber 2 because it’s larger, and putting the heater in chamber 1. What do you think?
  4. Will you be making one for the WB 20 AIO Cube?
  5. I use NeoMarine by Brightwell... Love the salt, switched from Red Sea Pro (which is also a very good salt), but I like how the NeoMarine mixes a little better and I get more out of the same amount of salt... For example, if I use 2 cups with Red Sea it would mix exactly 4 gallons, but with NeoMarine I get at least 4 and a half gallons... My corals have been very happy as well! It is a little pricy, but I have been able to purchase when its on sale...
  6. I just purchased this light from a fellow reefer, but unfortunately it is too much light for my small 10gal tank... It is in perfect condition except for a small part of the plastic honeycomb fan vent cracked and was glued in place (see pic), but this has absolutely no effect on performance and is hardly noticeable. Only 6 months old, manufacturer date of March 2nd 2018. $400 shipped to the lower 48 for both the light and mount. PM me with any questions... Thanks!
  7. 20gal cube, 18x18x16... 3rd other fish, not a 3rd clown
  8. Will a bonded pair of clownfish do better with a 3rd fish in the tank, or are they just as well off as the only 2 fish in the tank? Thanks!
  9. Like the title says... looking to buy, please let me know if you are looking to sell. Thanks!
  10. Yea, I only have a 20 gal cube (Waterbox), so I think I will stick with the MP10, plus I still like not having the cord on the waterside : )
  11. Thanks for the info... that makes more sense now. So to be able to program an MP10 it would cost about $385 ($285 for the wireless and $100 for reeflink), and the Nero pushes more water (which is not a big deal for small reef owners, but would benefit those with medium to larger size tanks). I also like that you can direct the flow to some degree as well...
  12. I know the Nero 5 is not out yet, but does anyone have an idea of why the price point is at $300 vs $235 for an MP10??? Seems like a hard sell being $65 more expensive...