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  1. Here is the reef tank after 2 years - at home in the lab!
  2. 75g

  3. This orchid bloomed this summer...finally uploaded the pic
  4. I was just a modern art show a few weeks ago - I think you have more talent than some of the artists I saw, lol!!!
  5. orchids are addicting thats for sure I keep moving them around the house but I think I just need a greenhouse. My Vanda just bloomed this summer - a real treat.
  6. I checked out those Orbits and ordered the one you have, thanks. Those are great!
  7. Angel beautiful tank, where did you get those plastic braces to raise the tank's canopy? And how did you mount them?
  8. Great tank, where did you get the plastic mounts to keep the canopy above the tank? Well done!
  9. Hey ocean girl, I'm looking to alter the canopy of my old Tropicquarium 55, where did you get those supports to bring the hood up from the water? Tank looks great!
  10. Congrats! That is one well-planned, stylish tank! A masterpiece.