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  1. Reef Keeper Lite Problem

    FWIW, my RKL did the same thing. I set the time and let it be although it was incorrect. As it turned out, by the next day, the time fixed itself. The problem worked itself out. Probably some fluke in their software/firmware. HTH. Christopher
  2. JBJnanocubes and orders@aquatic-store are NOT JBJ Lighting Company. These two websites are resellers of JBJ products. Please do not bash a company for something they do not control. Please feel free to bash www.JBJnanocubes.com ! Christopher
  3. Aquapod 24 gal

    You need flow, lots of it (IMO ). Christopher
  4. what the @#!% ate my fish

    BINGO! The real question is why did they die? You may have something happening in your tank that you are not aware of. Christopher
  5. charris18 Bad Seller

    This is why you ALWAYS purchase over the internet using a credit card. Credit card companies have no problems doing a charge back if the seller/company you purchase from is uresponsive and unfriendly. Unfortunately, there is always going to be sellers whom do not feel like they have any responsibility towards the buyer. Christopher
  6. Dye the pvc instead. You can use the dye that you find at Wal Mart in the laundry detergent isle. Christopher
  7. Snail Mowing Sand

    This is my submission for the "clean up crew picture contest." Thanks for considering my picture! The picture is of a nassarius snail in my 24 gallon nano cube. Christopher
  8. New Braunfels/San Antonio Reefers

    Fin-Addict is awesome!!! MAAST had their January meeting there. Great deals on frags, fish and more!!! Christopher
  9. New Braunfels/San Antonio Reefers

    www.maast.org Marine Aquarist's Association of South Texas. Come and join! We are based out of San Antonio, Texas. Christopher
  10. Nothing better to do with your time than post this non-sense?
  11. www.maast.org Marine Aquarist Association of South Texas. Were based out of San Antonio, but members are all over South Texas. My screen name is the same on MAAST, come join us! Please do not reply by PM, I do not frequent Nano-Reef. See you at MAAST! Christopher
  12. Game Boy Advance Trade...

    Forget any trade. Apparently we have people who throve on making other people feel inadequate! I'll find a bullentin board where I'm wanted!
  13. glueing frags down

    Super Duper Wet Resistant Fraggin Glue!!! LOL Just kidding around (maybe!) Just a shot in the dark but... Would the super glue gel harden to fast to use underwater? Just an idea. Christopher
  14. Game Boy Advance Trade...

    Fixed (yoshiod9). I guess I just couldn't make up my mind lol!