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  1. Any new or soon to be moms or dads?

    I'm going to be a new Dad in November. Shoot me a pm.
  2. Would You buy a JBJ NanoCube?

    I don't own one, but before I could make a decision about buying one in the future, I think that I would wait for feedback from the new line of acrylic cubes. I doubt that I would buy the current model.
  3. Interesting. The polyps look kinda like alveopora, but that is an LPS coral. Your's looks more like the individual polyps of a soft coral unless the picture is just distorting the base. I don't have anything better than that to offer, but I'm really interested in finding out a positive ID.
  4. Plastic Welder

    And for filling in cracks on acrylic, weldon 16 is goopier but drys slower.
  5. the-beach

    It does look awfully familiar. Pics like that really make me resent my move from SoCal to Dallas.
  6. Alien Coral ID>

    Looks like a macro shot of hydnophora to me. Is it a branching coral that looks kinda fuzzy from a distance?
  7. Little bugs?

    This is where I got most of my info: http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-05/rs/index.htm
  8. Little bugs?

    Coogarts - I have the exact same thing in my tank. They are a type of isopod, but don't worry, they are not the bad type. A search on isopods will show you that certain types prey upon fish and even (yikes) human hands in a tank. From what I understand, the bad types don't look like rolly-pollies though. The type that we have are great janitors and fun snacks for fish.
  9. My Shrimp will not survive !

    I got my first shrimp from Coral Sea tropical fish in Riverside as well, so I don't doubt the quality. That's where I lived before relocating to Dallas.
  10. When I first started this hobby, I took the typical noob "why shouldn't this be done? I bet I could make it work" approach. I did everything from adding fish before finishing the tank cycle (1 week cycle before adding two fish), to not changing the sponge in the HOB filter (2 months before I removed it), and even pushed the amount of fish in my tank (2 cardinals, 1 clown goby, 1 honey damsel, and 1 maroon clown in a 10g). There are more examples that I could list, and let's face it, whether from ignorance or stubborness, there are probably going to be more examples in the future.
  11. ID Worm

    It looks neat, but I have no idea if it's safe
  12. My Shrimp will not survive !

    Maybe lower your temperature a bit since it's running on the high side? I don't know why that would help, only that I've had two shrimp, and I think that I have acclimated them for all of five minutes and they both survived at temps around 78. Also, where are you getting your shrimp from?
  13. What the heck is this thing?!

    It's not a chiton. It's a stomatella snail. I have dozens in my tank; they are great janitors.
  14. Frag Pack Is Back!

    The problem is that my first is on the way and I just lost my job! X)
  15. Frag Pack Is Back!

    If only I weren't on a buying freeze