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  1. mdannyg's 33.5 gallon

    How is this tank doing now? And, any advice for someone setting up a Mr Aqua 33g and building a stand? Cheers
  2. Help needed: t5 to supplement ai SOL for 24x18 tank

    Thanks, that's really helpful! Other experiences or thoughts?
  3. Help needed: t5 to supplement ai SOL for 24x18 tank

    Anyome anyone... Bhueler?
  4. Hey, have always run T5 with LED supplement. Going the other way for a new tank. This is a Mr aqua 32g. I have up to two ai SOL super blues I can use. Asking for what people would do, and how they'd supplement with T5. I want optimal light coverage without cooking the tank. Thanks!
  5. I had 4x39w t5 over mine with a 36" reefbrite. Loved that retro rig...My best colors for viewing were a B+ and C+ (just 2 of 4 bulbs on) and the reefbrite. I grew acros on the sand
  6. So are you sumpless on the salt tank? What approach is that using now for top off? Great stuff
  7. iHexBot's Modified IM Lagoon 25G

    I see you verified the bottom pane was tempered first...how did you do that? I was thinking about picking up a IM 20g Fusion and drilling the return pump area to make water changes even easier.
  8. ISO:Micro brittle stars

    Ditto above, please let me know when you have more mini-brittles as I'd be interested in some. I lost my old clan too.
  9. The Inspiration (now VEGA powered)

    Wow, just came across your whole thread and then stumbled to the end wanting to know what was current...and current seems to be an active break down. Sorry to see that. I've got a 20x20x12 deep blue that I was contemplating setting up as a shallow display. Any chance you still have the light tree? Think it would work with something like a d120 or ocean revive s026? I'm down near Potomac Mills, but work up in DC. Gotta go back through your thread and read up on your experiences. I was trying to figure out what skimmer I should use by finding similar tanks...did you have one?
  10. As Promised - My Jebao WP-25 Review

    So what settings did you have it on during that 7mth timeframe? Did you just put it in Else or something other than that?
  11. http://www.championlighting.com/product.php?productid=38220&cat=0&page=3 Want to trade for a smaller tunze silence?
  12. Bluefish LED Controller: News Thread

    What does this actually mean...and does the same apply the OR S026? Thx
  13. Anyone use these? Nano 60

    Be sure to post up some pics and what you think
  14. FS- Apex System and Bubble Magus Doser

    If you part out...what would you want for just the control unit?
  15. Are you still liking that tiny tunze silence as a return? Really enjoy this build...give us an update and an FTS where we can see the light shelf