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  1. How is this tank doing now? And, any advice for someone setting up a Mr Aqua 33g and building a stand? Cheers
  2. Thanks, that's really helpful! Other experiences or thoughts?
  3. Anyome anyone... Bhueler?
  4. Hey, have always run T5 with LED supplement. Going the other way for a new tank. This is a Mr aqua 32g. I have up to two ai SOL super blues I can use. Asking for what people would do, and how they'd supplement with T5. I want optimal light coverage without cooking the tank. Thanks!
  5. I had 4x39w t5 over mine with a 36" reefbrite. Loved that retro rig...My best colors for viewing were a B+ and C+ (just 2 of 4 bulbs on) and the reefbrite. I grew acros on the sand
  6. So are you sumpless on the salt tank? What approach is that using now for top off? Great stuff
  7. I see you verified the bottom pane was tempered did you do that? I was thinking about picking up a IM 20g Fusion and drilling the return pump area to make water changes even easier.
  8. Ditto above, please let me know when you have more mini-brittles as I'd be interested in some. I lost my old clan too.
  9. 96w quad pc....what do you have?