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  1. New Spec V for the office

    1 yr in...
  2. Spec V

    1 yr in
  3. Ad's Tackle Box

    Check out the floating rocks!
  4. New Spec V for the office

    Thanks! I did notice some phallic looking pieces when going back through the floating rock sculptures... Could be a great theme. I think next I will try placing some zoas on the tip of the rock, let them grow out there.
  5. New Spec V for the office

    Got some life...
  6. New Spec V for the office

    Here is a better pic Can be found here: http://m.ebay.com/itm/SkyScape-Dry-live-Rock-Aquascape-System-The-Art-of-Aqua-Sky-Scaping-Reef-Tank-/121610733996?nav=SEARCH
  7. New Spec V for the office

    It's a clear acrylic rod through the rock, and then it loops over the false wall. I can't take credit for making it though, bought it online.
  8. New Spec V for the office

    Thanks! Equipment list is: Lighting - 27 watt full spectrum ultrabrite led with controller Stock pump No heater - stays at about 77 That's about it I'm looking for any ideas on what corals would look best on floating rock piece. Also are there any easy corals that could work under the rock in the shade, but still get light?
  9. New Spec V for the office

    Just getting started
  10. New Duo Mount : Gooseneck!

    So will this work for Deep Blue 57g rimless? 36"x18" footprint?
  11. New Duo Mount : Gooseneck!

    One question: Will you be able to have the power cord come out the back of the unit instead of the side if desired? That will keep it a clean look. Almost ready to pull the trigger with this news, great work!
  12. >30g Clean Appearing AIO - Minimum Cords?

    DIY on an AIO. Then you can pick out the exact tank dimensions you want, buy some acrylic, and voila. Pick out the media baskets you want to use and build your AIO around those. That would be my suggestions.
  13. AIO Mr Aqua

  14. 25g Mr Aqua AIO Diy BB