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  1. icenine

    Chris's Photography

    Nice shooting Tex. Hey, I'm looking at printing some landscape work on wood and am anxiously awaiting a few sample prints to arrive. Can you provide some detail on the warping you experienced? What size, thickness and type of wood? Did you find a suitable way to seal that prevented it? TIA
  2. icenine

    icenine's nano

    Came here looking for some inspiration while I get ready to set this tank up again after a move to Salt Lake City. I realized I never did post anything about the tanks second incarnation. I wound up adding an MP10 and went with mostly softies with a couple RBTAs as the centerpiece. I really liked the tank looking very "flowy" and am leaning towards that direction again. Dry rock from BRS on order so I guess I'll decide on a plan for the tank based on what the rock inspires me to build the 'scape into. This was RSM pt II...on to RSM pt III
  3. icenine

    anemone ID?

    It does look like an LTA. I've seen them referred to as red foot anemones and those I've seen kept had all placed their foot in the sand (rather than in rock like a BTA will) such as yours is doing. I'm not so sure it's really looking that healthy, and that lighting is rather weak.
  4. icenine

    icenine's nano

    Thanks for the comments... still have this tank up, however I will be taking it down shortly or turning it into a horse farm. I've pointed my camera elsewhere mostly for the past few years, but I'll see if I've got decent, recent shots. Most pertinent nano lesson learned since starting this? Unless it dies, it's probably only going to get bigger.
  5. icenine

    Razor blades and acrylic?

    I prefer AMEX.
  6. icenine


    Nice work! Congrats!
  7. icenine

    January 2008 - Junkitu

    Nice work! Congrats!
  8. icenine

    icenine's nano

    Hmmmm... maybe an update is in order? It has been a while. The new year may bring lots of new pics of this now three year old reef.
  9. I've got a hard time seeing how a moderator just insulting people is really helping anything. Unless your goal is to simply make people go to other sites. That it should do fairly well, and not just the noobs.
  10. Posts or posters? I would think there are too many posts to rate them individually and if you're rating posters what is to stop morons for rating each other to guru status? In general, it don't think I see more stupid here than I've seen in the past.
  11. icenine

    CMAS Frag Swap & Sale!

    November 17, 2007 CMAS Frag Swap & Sale! VFW Post – West Chicago, IL CMAS will host a major pre-holiday Frag Swap & Sale on November 17 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM. It will be held at the VFW Post on Rte 59 in West Chicago. We will have room for twenty-five sellers and 200 attendees, so reserve your table early! The frag swap and sale includes livestock and dry goods. In order to offset the hall rental costs, there will be a nominal $10 table rental for CMAS members, a $20 table rental for non-CMAS members and a $50 table rental for commercial sellers. We will also offer shared tables if you do not have enough items for a full table. NOTE: CMAS will donate at least 50% of all table fees to the “Adopt A Reef” coral reef project. All CMAS members and interested reefers are invited to attend this great event. The event is free to CMAS members. For all other attendees, the event entry is only $5.00. All attendees will receive one free raffle ticket and may purchase additional raffle tickets during the frag swap and sale. The VFW is located at 431 N. Neltnor (Rte 59) in West Chicago, IL. There will be a cash bar. Sellers, please contact Boyd Corbett to reserve your spot. Email him at fiberlux@comcast.net.
  12. icenine

    JBJ Nano VS Red sea max

    What kind of SPS did you want to keep? I'm keeping several types in a RSM.
  13. icenine

    Junkitu's Mushroom House Tank Thread

    Moving stinks.... I had losses as well. Things are still looking great in your 'house' though!
  14. icenine

    C Jerome's New Used BioCube 14

    Lookin good. Love the 'scape.