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  1. crazy nex projet: vortech diy!

    Nice work! But I'm a little concerned about possible low flow rates... Rob
  2. We've got a jumper on the floor!

    Dude! That totally sucks!!! Sorry... Is the little one alright about it? A SALUTE FOR NEMO...YOU WILL BE MISSED...
  3. please id this clam

    Without seeing the shell or mantle better... I'd say it looks more like a blue T. maxima. Rob
  4. F/S Purple Monster

    Where in NJ? I'm in SE PA and may have a couple of interesting trades for you if you're close enough. I'd rather not get into any shipping at the moment... Rob

    Any updates, Mf? Rob
  6. FT sour apple zoas

    I'm not a huge zoa fan, but those are sweet, Eric! Rob
  7. small anemone

    Sounds to be more like a Majano... Rob
  8. RO question..Just traded for one.

    I would replace all of the filters. I have a Maxxima, and the RO membrane it comes with is worthless. I switched everything over to Spectrapure and couldn't be happier. You can get a matching restrictor when you pick out which membrane you want to use. Rob
  9. New Chiller!

    Hey, no problem. Sorry it didn't work out. Good luck with it! I can't wait to get mine going, but still have to figure out what pump I want to use. I'm thinking Mag 5... Rob
  10. New Chiller!

    I was going to give you a secret discount code. I bought the Current 1/10 last week and it took 15% off the sale price. Sorry dude... Rob
  11. New Chiller!

    Did you checkout yet? Rob
  12. My fire shrimp has fallen and can't get up

    How's it going? Rob
  13. Tank crash... please help :(

    Any updates, Farrah? Rob
  14. Had to put this up

    Very cool! Rob