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  1. Very cool! Rob
  2. That's a sweet shot, Nick! Rob
  3. Ok,my photography career is now officially ruined... NOT PHOTOSHOP!!! Rob
  4. 1st vote! Rob
  5. It makes me hear Dead tunes! Nice pic Kenny! Rob
  6. al,I still have that sack! Knit cotton,right? hehe... Thanks Dennis! Rob
  7. Perfection!!! Rob
  8. Indeed, somoney! Indeed... Thanks T! Rob
  9. Jackie Chiles! Whew...I'm glad someone's paying attention here! BTW ZG, your Dendro shot is awesome! That's a winner!!! Rob
  10. Thanks ALex! Rob
  11. Thanks peas and aqua! And as for Darin; Lies! Lies,I tell you! All lies! Rob
  12. White balance? Ummm...what's that? hehe... Rob
  13. Thanks for the kind words, guys! hortoni, that's Acanthastrea echinata. Rob BTW,reefgaurd...they're real,and they're spectacular(guess the quote)!
  14. Top down shot-no camera box.