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  1. sponge?
  2. Emerald Crab
  3. Fuge light
  4. Sorry its blurry this little guy swims wayyy to fast.
  5. Fuge light on my 24g JBJ
  6. I love this crab!!! I bought him last night acclimated him and dropped him in and within 10 minutes he found himself a nice little rock to hang out in and started munching away at the hair algea that has recently taken over in my tank.
  7. Here it is so far.
  8. The (workshop) ;-)
  9. leather macro
  10. another ricordea
  11. Orange Ricordea
  12. My new coco worm
  13. lobo
  14. Sorry about it being cloudy, Sand was added less than 18 hours ago and has yet to completely settle.