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  2. outbreak of epedemic proportions

    ok did a little research on stomatella snails and as it turns out these are in fact what i have. they are harmless grazers and do rather well in reef tanks. they are also apparently pretty hard and love to reproduce. they are very nocturnal snails and grow to be about 1 1/4'' long. this hits the nail RIGHT on the head. in conclusion I have an epedemic outbreak of harmless stomatella snails :-D thanks doc!
  3. outbreak of epedemic proportions

    are stomatella problem snails?
  4. Ok guys, this has been bugging me for a while now. I have what seems to be 35+ of these little critters roaming my tank at night. They appear to be shell-less turbo snails? i only have one turbo snail in my JBJ 25DX but in the last couple of months these things have been popping up EVERYWHERE. at night they can be seen in numbers exceeding 30 ravishing my glass. they are about 1/4 inch to 1 1/4 inches in length. they have the same mouths the same "foot" and everything as the turbos but no shell. they are like turbo "slugs". has anyone spotted these critters in their tanks? hope they arent bad since i have more than one per GALLON of water in my tank! Thanks in advance! -mike
  5. HELP: hurricane coming=no power

    FINALLY GOT POWER BACK! after 3 1/2 days of no power Its all back up and running. Everything is alive! The first day and a half i didnt have a generator but i had ONE battery powered airstone but i also have a 25t and a jbj24 so this presented a problem. i switched the airstone back and forth every 2 hours until the generator got here and then i plugged both pumps in to keep water circulating. Honestly im suprised I didnt die in the heat!
  6. Cool video - Must see

    HOLY wow! I've never heard of that happening! It's amazing how things work. I guess that means we are back at the top of the foodchain! I had octopus last night ;-)
  7. hurricanes + SW tank = BAD

    damnit! my power keeps browning out. my fish must think the sun is about to explode cause the lights are blinking the pumps are freaking out and.... I JUST FOUND OUT! my battery powered airstones ARENT WORKING.... pray for my power so my fish can live through the night! I HATE MIAMI!
  8. Chaetomorpha $10 shipped

    whenever you can. im part of the great american unemployed workforce due to a layoff so i have nothing better to do then sit around and wait for algea in the mail.
  9. Chaetomorpha $10 shipped

    payment sent. thank you very much!! i have needed some of this.
  10. did a tiny bit of research before getting these 2 emerald crabs to take care of this algea problem i have. never in my "research" did i hear anything about these little bastards eating zooanthids. but sure enough right in front of me as soon as i dropped my new zoonathids in the tank he walked over grabbed a couple and cleaned em right off the rock!? anyone else had smiliar experiences? if not then i will pass it off as curiousity and let him live instead of making emerald crab cakes tonight like i had planned.
  11. MY F***ING EMERALD CRAB just walked up to the new pink zooanthids and ripped one clean of the rock, ate it, then ripped another one off. HES GOING TO DIE! Whats the easiest way to catch this little bastards?!
  12. Well, I just dropped all the new frags into the tank. My candy cane suffered a hole in the bag as well and now that its in the tank i notice it has receeded a bit on 2 of the heads. I hope it picks back up. I will take pictures as soon as the rest of the zoos open up. I didnt get a freebie frag :-P so there will be no pictures of that one... unfortunately *cough**cough*
  13. 120g 4x2x2 Reef Tank 4 Sale!!!!

    I figure i will ask cause im curious and interested, besides if i dont someone else will. Are you will to piece it out? If so im interested in the MHs. sorry to be a pain.
  14. I just got mine in and they are floating in my tank at work. Im very happy already with my purchase. GPE PPE FPE YTC who cares? I'm not a big fan of reef trends anyhow I just like to buy stuff that i dont have. Im sure theres plenty of people who agree. I will post pictures of the new stuff as soon as its in my tank and open. besides how can you go wrong for 55$ for some nice pieces,shipped!?
  15. thanks ocean, coming to work on my day off always sucks :-(