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  1. F/S Canon G6 ... Gauging Interest???

    Sweet camera BTW - I love mine. Between that and my old D30 SLR I can cover all the bases. Free BUMP
  2. SPS Polyp Extension Question (56K warning)

    I had the same problem and finally found the redbugs. I had never seen them before and wasn't sure that was actually them. I had to look really hard and never found more than 1/2 dozen or so but that was all it took to bother the polyps. Luckily I have a friend who's wife is a parasitologist/virologist at the local Vet School so getting the Interceptor was a piece of cake.
  3. tempered or not

    Check the manu. website if you can. I know AGA lists that info on their site.
  4. Nanocustoms official response

    I've been reading about these cracking tanks for a while and the responses from JBJ I see are really off kilter. I see the reason behind voiding the warranty but there's always exceptions. I've never had a Nanocube but I'll be on the list for one of Chris's acrylics when they come around as a f**k you to JBJ but mostly as a statement that you can't ignore the community.
  5. yellow-clown-goby

    Nice pic
  6. DIY Traps

    I've read in a couple places that a way to catch bristle worms is to wrap a shrimp or other meaty item in pantyhose and put it in the tank. The worm tries to get to the bait and gets its bristles tangled up in the hose. I haven't read about it specifically for a fireworm but it might work.
  7. Whitten's 30 Oceanic...Money Pit.

    Man that sucks - I always hate leaving my tank for any length of time. At least there wasn't anything drastic that happened. Next time put me down as an "emergency" contact for your roomie and I'll be happy to stop in and check on it. Paul and I do the same thing so we'll just add to our "support group".
  8. System For Sale

  9. InuYashas 20L sps tank

    Can't wait to see that guy in action.
  10. Major ID help!!!

    Could be a coral spawn. My green slimer spawned a while back and released alot of little pink/red dots but they didn't stick to anything, just floated around. The fish ate good that night!
  11. Marine Test Kits...

    I've lovin the Salifert kits.
  12. 1 month old tank.. Comments please!!

    You'll have algae while things cycle. Nice looking tank too.
  13. Starting Over... Keep Sand & Rocks?

    Keep a little bit of seed - The LR will reseed the sand but adding a little of the old sand will help things out.
  14. Water pump overheating water

    From what I hear Mags are notorius for adding heat. I have a 9.5 on my CL and don't have any heat issues but I do have a sump. Is the pump submerged?