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  1. Looks like they're spoken for, I'll update for sure when they are gone!
  2. Hey all, Life happened and i have largely gotten out of the hobby. Hope to start up again some day, but for now I need to stop holding on to stuff that's just taking up room in my super small backyard. So i figured that someone here would like to have these. I have: 1x 20gal Long. It was used as a reef tank for a short time, cleaned thoroughly before storage. 1x 40gal breeder. Never used. I had planed to upgrade and never got around to it. I'm available on the weekend, and most weekdays after 6pm. Send me an email for pickup information. First come first serve. kg6zjm at gmail.com Replace the at with @ obviously.
  3. This is true, and even if I end up using 3 of them, I still have two i can sell off...I would keep them around for spare parts or whatever, but I just don't have the room...
  4. Wow... I get free lights and nobody even notices... *sniffle* ;-(
  5. SCORE!!! So I went down to my LFS today to waste some time and look for a fish for my freshwater tank. I started chatting with a buddy of mine who works there and he informs me that he's just been told to throw away these 5 70W MH pendants that they had sitting around! He didn't think that they had any ballasts, but they had the reflector, socket, and bulbs. (Wrong color, they were from a planted pond thing that they had...) He asks if I want them, and I said "Sure, Why not?" At the very least i figured i could scrounge some parts from them. As it turns out the lamps ARE internally ballasted, and all 5 of them fire up just perfect. I have no idea why thy were tossing them out, but i'm not one to argue! I think I just figured out what i'm using for lighting for this tank! I probably won't keep them in the big ugly cans. I'm thinking i'll gut them and install them in a custom hood to keep things looking clean. I may put two of them as-is over my 90gal freshwater. That would leave 3x70w units for the 40gal. 210watts may not be enough though so I may use the 150W ballast that I have to fire a 10 or12k bulb, and use 2 of the 70W units to fire some 20k bulbs on either end. Can't beat free stuff huh?
  6. Well, I talked with my better half, and after some measuring and discussion, it looks like I don't have to uncouple from the 40 breeder train after all. We thin that we can fit it in downstairs, and as long as we budget carefully I should be able to start putting $$$ into the project in October. I have to fix my truck and get a new cellphone first though, so it really depends on my paychecks. I just know that if I settle for the 30 I won't be happy with it. There is a reason that it has been sitting idle for over 2 years. I looked back into when I got the tank, and it was in June of 2005, Way back when I was a noob. At the time I had a 5 gallon hex that was supernoob to say the least. I was trying to go to an all out system, but i didn't really know much, so I fell far short of my goal, thats for sure. It really wouldn't be that bad of a tank for someone, its just not what i'm looking for. How much do you think I could get for a 30gal that has a painted back, it drilled for a 2" internal overflow, a closed loop, and returns, and comes with a stand, and all the plumbing to go from the pumps to the tank including bulkheads and unions? I'm thinking that if mayhaps i can sell off this system it could give me a head start on the 40...
  7. I know, it sucks, and has had me cursing up and down all day now. My main worry is that i'm not going to be happy with it, and therefore i may lose interest in it, or be constantly wishing that I had held out for the 40. I'm trying to decide what exactly i should do at this point, because like I said I really really want to set up the 40br, but its going to take much longer to get running than the 29. I could probably have water in the 29 in the next 2-3 weeks, whereas I might only have the frame for the stand on the 40 done by then. The reason I kinda want to rush on this is that the 20long that is housing all my livestock is sitting on a little desk thingy that really isn't meant for the weight, and as a result, the top isn't sitting quite even. I have a towel under the tank to protect the desk, and while it's really tight on either end of the tank, i can wiggle it around in the middle. Not good!!! I am also considering transferring everything into a spare10gal I have, and putting that back on the original stand. It's not drilled, so I still can't hook the sump back up to it unless I DIY an overflow of some sort. This would buy me some time as I know the tank wouldn't be in danger of cracking, and i could concentrate on building the 40, and trying to convince the boss that the 40 would look good downstairs, and wouldn't take up too much room. I think I'll talk with her more tomorow if she's in the mood and see if i can work out a plan.
  8. Oh dear oh dear oh dear... I have a problem. I have the 40br tank, that's all. I really really really want to set it up. But I ALSO have this 29 gallon that i have already built the stand for, drilled, plumbed, painted, and just needs the stand painted and a hood. I keep staring at it, and i don't really like it because (1) I painted the back blue, and have since decided that I hate blue back tanks, and (2) The dimensions are all wrong, i don't know what i was thinking. The 40br makes such a better tank. The big problem is that my corals are all in the 20long on a temp piece of furniture, and they need to move SOON. The 40br is going to take a long while to set up, and i don't really have the funds to just run with this. To top it off, my girl says that she's totally ok with me doing the 30 downstairs, and it is really hard to turn down an approval like that... So it looks like I may not be joining the 40br club after all. At least not right now...
  9. I say that you her honorary tank of the month. You'd have to use old pics, but I say you deserve it!
  10. Wow. I'm really sad to see it go. This really was one of the top tanks that inspired me to go after the 40 breeder, and I'll still be using this thread as a reference during my build. Good luck with everything, and hope to see you again real soon with another wonderful setup. Thank you for your inspiration TJ. Don't be a stranger here just because you no longer have your tank. -Justin
  11. Well, looks like progress has halted once again... I broke the clutch on my jeep, so now i gotta buy parts for that. I hate it when things like that happen. Hopefully next month i might be able to get started on this...
  12. Here, mayhaps these pictures will help to clarify the workings of things. I removed all but the drain lines, so it isn't as confusing. I made the overflow box clear too: The line exiting the bottom of the box will have the gate valve on it to control the water level in the box. The line that exits the side of the overflow box runs open all the way down to the sump.
  13. I had taken this into account, and thats why there is going to be a completely separate emergency drain who's sole purpose is to take the flow in the event of a clog on the main line. I forget who first mentioned this system, but i believe it's called the Herbie method. You have a naked bulkhead at the bottom of your overflow, and a gate valve at the bottom. You start the system with the valve all the way open. Obviously this is going to make a lot of noise due to the falling water and suction noises. You then slowly close the valve until water just starts to flow down the emergency drain located at the top of the overflow. This should allow lwss than an inch for the water to fall into the overflow. You open the valve back up just slightly, so the water level is just below the emergency drain, and your overflow should be tuned. The great part about this system is the redundant drain lines. Even if you were to completely close the lower gate valve, the water would still be able to flow down the emergency line into the sump. Because there is nothing controlling the air in the emergency line, you will get loud gurgles and sucking noises too, letting you know that something is wrong. The normal drain line should be nearly silent, as there is no way for air to enter the line. Here's the thread on it over at RC http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthre...threadid=344892
  14. Alright, Now i have some time to reply. I love my new job, but man is it wearing me out every day. I'm going to switch out return pumps for sure. I think i want to do an internal return pump this time around just for the sake of simplicity. This of course means that I'm going to need something that it not only fairly quiet, but also doesn't put off a ton of heat. What model pump are you running? I'll probably end up with a smaller quiet one or an eheim if i can afford it. The returns over the back of the tank have served me well, so i really see no reason to do anything different. For lighting, I'm thinking that I'd like to do dual 150w metal halides, around the 14k range, and possibly some VHO for actinic supplement. I'll probably be building a DIY fixture to hold the lights because i know i can do it a lot cheaper than buying something. I understand why the guy was getting slurping on the dursos, exactly as you say, because they're going to be impossible to tune at the same height. I'm not planning on using any standpipe at all in the overflow box, just using screened bulkheads at the bottom with a gate valve to regulate the flow. There is a separate emergency drain toward the top to save me from overflow should something happen to the primary drain. I'm not to worried about grinding out the back section of the tank there so much. On my 10 gallon i didn't have the right size hole saw, so i just drilled the size i had, and used the dremmel bit to grind it out to the right size. It is fairly easy actually. I get paid on the fifth, and i'm not sure how much will be left over after paying bills and stuff, but if i can swing it, I'm going to try and get some lumber to start building the stand. We'll see!
  15. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...62482&st=40 And you can check out my 40breeder construction thread to see plans of how i'm going to do mine.
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