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  1. Hey Stony!
    Long time no see. 

    What you been up to?

  2. ASIS PRO 828

  3. The Stoney Waters Experience

    Heads up old friends new build new thread comming soon. I'll need all your help on this one. -Stoney
  4. Stoney Waters Experience, entire setup.

    $1200 OBO
  5. Stoney Waters Experience, entire setup.

    Would be willing to deliver part way. Also lifetime tech support
  6. Entire custom setup including pendant, controller, stand, sump, reactors, much more. No corals or livestock but rock and and sand go with. Pick up only. $1500 or BO. PMs only please. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=106629
  7. Hungry Brain

    great pic!
  8. Experience

    I did get the ballasts and halide lamps from Nanotuners. The system is in status quo while I plan my next project. It might be up for sale in the near future.
  9. Experience

  10. DIY Jawfish House

    OMG the jawfish police... My fish were never forced to live in the house, they could build their own at any time. The simple fact that they chose the artificial home says alot. The same argument could be said about the artificial reef as a whole. It is after all an alien environment. Given its limitations it is up to us as responsible hobbyist to make every effort to insure the comfort and wellness of our inhabitants. While it is ok to critique new ideas as they come along to assume the state of mind or well-being of ones fish would lay in the realm of whispering and clairvoyance. No need to feel sorry for my jawfish they are the most well tended to fish in my system. They have never been cut by the barnacle, it is in no way sharp. They also keep busy all day by rearranging the interior with pieces of coral and shell. BSJs are naturally skittish especially at feeding time with lights on. This might explain the uneasy appearance in the video.
  11. HPIM2146a1

  12. Smurf Snot Zoas... boooooooooooooooooo

  13. DIY Jawfish House

    If he is new to the tank don't stress him by trying to recapture him. He might eventually find it.
  14. DIY Jawfish House

    Luv it!
  15. I know...