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  1. Looking to buy a 12g or 24g nanocube or aquapod. With stock hood and lights. pick-up in southern california. send me a PM of what you have! Thanks
  2. Quiting the Hobby Sale: 24G JBJ Complete Setup

    Hey guys, Here's an update. The corals, LR, and general livestock has all been sold. Only the hardware is remaining. 24G nanocube DX, stand, lights, Seio powerhead, and return pump for $125 Please PM me if you're interested. Again, pick up in Chino/Ontario 91710 Thank you
  3. I’m selling my beloved 24G Nanocube Setup. A new daughter (2nd), financial hardships at work, has caused me to neglect this beautiful setup. So now I’m forced to leave the hobby….at least for now. I’m asking $225 for the whole-setup including livestock Will consider break up if someone buys all the corals All Livestock - $125 24G Cube/stand/lights/pump $125 Pick-up in Chino/Ontario 91710 Here’s the breakdown: 24G JBJ Nanocube Deluxe - Well Established Matching JBJ cabinet stand 2-36W 50/50 PC (4 months old) Seio 620 Powerhead Approx 30 LBS of LR (enough to nearly fill the tank 80%) Most of the LR are covered w/ GSP, Zoa’s, Cloves, and Shrooms ½ inch worth of live sand Livestock Clean-Up Crew: 50+ mixed Blue Legged hermits and various snails Meteor Shower? – 1.5”x3” colony blue base w/pink/red polyps Unknown LPS – green w/ blue center Acan Colony 20+ Polyps Orange Crush – 6”x6” colony, NICE!!! Cloves – Golden lacy type w/green centers 15+ polyps Blue Cloves – 3”x3” colony Bubble Gum Pink Zoa’s – 75+ polyps Duncans 3 polyps Sun Coral 10+ polyps Teal-Blue Zoa’s – 10+ polyps Green Star Polyps – 2”x2” bright green Candy Canes – bright teal color 10+ polyps Candy Canes – bright green color 2 polyps
  4. SOLD! FS: Flame Angel & Live Rocks (SoCal)

    would you sell the flame angel by itself? where in socal are you?
  5. Is there any possiblity that you can share with us how you were able to get the fish to take flakes?
  6. FS: True Picasso Ocellaris ORA Grade A

    Sorry, I just added the price to the post. Its $150. I have know idea how old. It was the smaller of the pair. So this was the male partner.
  7. I recently lost one Picasso. Its MIA.... can't find it. So I decided to sell his partner.... ORA bred. Grade A, True Picasso She's about 1.5"-1.75" long. I have had her for alittle over 1 month now. That's what really bugs me. I spent so much on the pair, and lost one so fast!!! I'm asking $125. Pick-up in Chino/Ontario CA 91710 No shipping.
  8. That's awesome. You are so true. I have never bought one of these beautiful fishes b/c of their track record for not eating. If you were local, or shipped, then this fish would be mines. good luck with the sale. free bump.
  9. Looking for Golden Dwarf Moray Eel

    The red dwarf moray... is that just a rare color morph of the Golden Dwarf Moray? or is it a totally different subspecies all together? I would love to see a picture of this red fish also. The picture link of the Marine Center looks more yellow to me... doesn't look red at all.
  10. Baby RBTA for sale

    about 2 weeks old. My RBTA had split 2 weeks ago. Deep red color with fluorescent green base. Approx 2" when fully extended. Cute little guy. $30. or trade for a bright colored frag of something. pick up in Chino/Ontario 91710
  11. I have a pair of false percula clowns. One is about 2", the other is a little smaller. I have had these for about a year now, and the previous owner had them for a couple of years. Very healthy. I know! You all want pics. I will try to get pics ASAP. $20 for a quick sale. I need to make room for a new pair of percs I'm getting this weekend. Located in Chino/Ontario 91710
  12. ZOO frags

    intereted in zoa frag A sent PM.
  13. F/S Sun Coral

    what's your location?
  14. F/S Aussie Duncans

    next in line