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  1. VERY nice! Great rock work!!!
  2. btw, great tank!
  3. uh oh, i hear tang police...
  4. uh...oh....i hear the tang police...you better delete that pic and not mention the tang!
  5. ummmm.......i dont know what to say.....:|
  6. i gotta hand it to u...nice tank, but u dont have to start makin fun of mumborgarzel for it
  7. oh yeah...productid...you are being so bad to mumbogarzel cuz you cant be hosest about showing us a pic of your tank and that you are jealous of his great tank...even if you did show us a pic...we will all tell the sad truth...that it SUCKS!!!
  8. dont talk about honest till we see your tank!!! Mumbogarzel:I LOVE IT!!!
  9. that looks like something from thursdays lunch at my school lol
  10. some sort of finger leather...some people call it a rasta leather...i saw one at the store to
  11. a button polyp to be exact, very easy to care for
  12. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!keep it up
  13. yeah, that is the same thing that happend to me when my sally light foot molted, i thought it was dead, till i saw "another" one on the other side of the tank
  14. bad pic of wrasse