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  1. Need help finding picture...Thanks in advance

    did it look like this?
  2. th_cpfarm1

  3. SCWD on 50-55g...?

  4. SCWD on 50-55g...?

    When i upgrade my tank to between a 50-55g would a SCWD and a very good pump make enough flow for some SPS i might want in the tank?
  5. Overstocking?

    k thanks
  6. Overstocking?

  7. East Coast Reefer's Unit

    long island
  8. Overstocking?

    how many more fish would i be able to add...and if i can would i be able to have a yellow tang?
  9. Overstocking?

    Im getting a 55g reef soon. I wanted to know if a solon fairy wrasse, percula clown, algea belnny, and a rainfords goby would be overstocking it?
  10. Qwerty's 29g

    here is some more pics some more zoos my pagoda cup coral my clown and wrasse...srry about the quality more pics will come later
  11. Qwerty's 29g

    thank you i will be upgrading to a 55g soon but that wont be until i have the cash
  12. Qwerty's 29g

    heres my updated 29g...hope you like it some zoos my avlepora the best pic i could get of my solon fairy wrasse...its to fast!!!! i just thought this was a cool pic well, thats it for now..gotta take some more pics
  13. A 12year olds 55g reef

    im 13 and i have a 29g im getting a 50g or a 55g in about a year (or when i have enough cash!!) Cant wait to see how yours turns out!!!
  14. siphoning sand?......

    Tomorrow im doing my water change and i wanted to know if i would be able to siphon the top part of my sand bed. Im never really able to keep the sand clean (and i have nass. snails and stuff). So would i be able to clean the top part of the sand bed with a siphon without disturbing the organisms in the sand to much?
  15. flatworms.....

    i just dont want them to be the bad type and kill anything