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  1. 2.5 Nano

    I've seen real thin magnet cleaners out there on the net. http://www.nimblenano.com/default.htm You've got a real nice setup and a kool idea there. We all wish we would have thought of it first!
  2. From Both sides of the ocean

    Violet Recordea Florida and Orange Ricordea Yuma
  3. Ricordea

  4. Picture_041

    More Shrooms
  5. Shrimps

    Peppermint Shrimp - got rid of all aptaisa in my tank. My "Red, White And Blue" Anenome Shrimp.
  6. Montipora_Undata

    Montipora Undata
  7. My 12gal Nano Cube

    My “Christmas Eve Nano Setup” - 12/24/2004 EQUIPMENT 12 gal NanoCube 24w Left to Right, facing Front (1 sponge below , carbon bag in between and 1 sponge above /chemipure /LR rubble/heater in last compartment (4)) 16 lbs LR, Fiji, Caribbean and Tonga Deepwater (about 2 lbs of this in 3rd compartment) 10 lbs LS 1lb “seed sand” Replaced stock pump to MJ 606 pump Coralife Digital Temp Fishbowlz Moon Light and moon phase controller Red Sea Berlin Skimmer @times CRITTERS Anenome Shrimp - Periclimenes holthuisi (?) R/W/B “Uncle Sam” Bulb Anemone - Entacmaea quadricolor Bumble Bee Snail - Pusiostoma Cerith Snail - Cerithium Cinnamon Clownfish - Amphiprion melanopus Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crabs (4) - Clibanarius tricolor Dwarf Purple Feather Duster (2) - Bispira Micro Stars (5) - Nassarius Snail - Nassarius vibex Peppermint Shrimp - Lysmata wurdemanni Red Leg Hermit Crab - Small Sea Slug or Snail without a shell - Hitchhiker Trochus Snail - Trochus CORALS Button Polyps w/neon green mouth - Palythoas Green Goniporia Green w/Pink tips Frogspawn - Euphyllia (Euphyllia divisia) - R-G Green Button Polyps - Palythoas Green, Brown, blue, peach frilly Zoo’s - Zoanthus Montipora Capricornis dead? Montipora Undata or Idaho Grape Pocillopora Damicornis Purple Encrusting Green Star Polyps - Pachyclavularia Purple Encrusting White Star Polyps - Clavularia ? Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral, Brown - Sarcophyton MUSHROOMS Aqua Marine Ricordia - Ricordea Light green/purple Ricordia (4) - Ricordea Lime Green Mushroom Rock (14) - Rhodactis Blue and Pink Ricordia - Ricordea Green and Orange Ricordia - Ricordea Neon Green and Gray rim Ricordia - Ricordea or Yuma Orange Ricordia - Ricordea Violet/Blue w/neon green mouth (4) - Ricordea Red Mushroom - Discosoma Blue Striped Mushroom - Discosoma Watermelon Striped Mushroom - Discosoma Tonga Brown - 3Dragons Corallimorpharian Rhodactis Tonga Florescent Orange/Blue Corallimorpharian Rhodactis Tonga Purple/Brown Corallimorpharian Rhodactis ALGAE Caulurpa - Prolifera Grape Calurpa - C racemosa Halmida Red Feather Gracillara - Gracilara
  8. Removing Nano Cube hood

    I have the 12g and used the straight forward method. Yes, the hood had to be removed as the cord for pump would not slide through lid and tank gap where cord comes out back through lid cutout for cord. Whewww..... there just was not enough room for cord to slip out. I want to thank you all for your input. As soon as I figure out the best camera to buy to take pics @ a reasonable price, I will post pics of my tank setup.
  9. What's wrong w/ my zoos??

    Nice tank, nice pics Chuck. What brand/model camera did you use. I want to post pics of my tank, but the olympia camera I'm using is terrible. Thank you in advance, kurt
  10. Updated Pics Of Afiser's Reef

    I gotta get me some of those snails afiser! what a cleanup job. I wonder will they starve after they clean up the tank? What kind of snail is that? does it do most of your algea on the LR? Good luck and nice job.
  11. Caribsea PurpleUP

    I'll be watching your posts to see your progress. good luck. pdhenderson, when you stated that you seeded your tank two weeks ago, did you buy the Coraline scrapings that were sold on eBay for that purpose? I saw the auction and wondered if it really works. Also the person selling had a good idea as alot of people bid on it. I just wondered.
  12. We ALL learn from our mistakes. I say keep trying until you get it right. Learn to do it the right way together. Good Luck.
  13. Farrah's Nano Cube Macros

    Very nicely done! The Palythoa is awsome. What type of camera did you use to take those pics?
  14. How were you first introduced to nano reefs?

    I wanted to create my own Micro-Universe, researched all areas of reference and decided a NanoCube was an easy start. Came across Nano-reef.com in my research. Alot of very intellegent, friendly, helpful members to call upon if a problem devolops. Its a challange, but the rewards are great. Always something new to deal with. Always something new to see in the tank.
  15. Zoo and Ric Frags for sale in Oregon

    Hi, i'd be interested in some zoos and 2. solid purple/pink plating Montipora sp. ~1”x1” -$10 baby blue Caulastrea sp. -$2.50 per head