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  1. Cool! and not just a few polyps, either...nice and bright too. Was there light on the rubble tank? At my lfs there's not, so I wonder if they'll color up more....great find!
  2. Are those Eagle Eyes? They are cool....you have a very nice camera!
  3. Gorgeous! and the one is already splitting...how long have you had them?
  4. That looks awesome! Great colors.
  5. My guess would be a type of button polyp...palythoa or protopalythoa...they certainly are fluffy! lots of tentacles
  6. Garden eels? they are very cute
  7. Nice hitchhikers! Zoas, feather dusters, and macro algae. Looks like you got some good live rock....you will probably need more, though.
  8. .
  9. Thanks for the comments! Yep that's a 5g Eclipse hex. I'm not best thrilled with it, because it has scratched up so badly. I can attribute some of the scratches to the kids getting enthusiastic about the Nimble cleaner, but there are too many. That mushroom IS really big, probably about 4 inches in diameter. Makes me a little nervous when the goby perches on it...;-)
  10. My green clown goby lying in wait for amphipods...
  11. Very blurred pic...no tripod, and there are an amazing number of scratches on the tank. Stupid acrylic.....
  12. My green clown goby showed off a lot while I was taking pics...apparently he didn't like this blue leg hanging out down front, and he bumped him a couple of times before giving up and swimming away.
  13. Got this guy on the first LR we got...he was about 1/4" then. Now he's about 1" across.
  14. Spaghetti worm