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  1. Urchins

    Yes, as I said, I'm not planning on him being in there long-term. He finally got on the rock today (spent all of yesterday cruising around the sides of the tank), and has stripped one rock really bare...lots of coralline gone, too. My son (whose tank it purportedly is...he's 11) was not thrilled with the coralline destruction, but I figure there's too much coralline for it to be decimated in the amount of time it'll take the urchin to eat all the hair algae. The goby is still picking at the urchin; I think he does see the feeder tentacles as prey, somehow. Heaven knows there are VERY few pods in the tank any more, the little sucker ate them all. I think I'll upgrade to a 10g and put a 5g fuge underneath or something, to have a pod population he can't wipe out. But the urchin is too much for a 10g, too, even at his small size....I do want SOME coralline....so he'll probably go back to the lfs in a couple weeks.
  2. Urchins

    Urchinhead, do you have problems with tankmates picking on your urchins? I have a 5g nano, been set up quite a while; only fish is a lime-stripe goby. I got a tuxedo yesterday to clean up some hair algae, with the understanding that he is probably not a long-term resident. But today I've seen the goby hang out near the urchin, and every so often, dart up to it, peck and swim away. I can't tell that he's eating it, but that's what it looks like--like he's grabbing a tentacle and pulling it off. Anybody had anything like this happen????
  3. Fast, Walking Starfish?

    Walkfish, that's wierd, because I saw a sea spider in my tank a few days ago, too. At least I think it was a sea spider. Mine was sooooo tiny, even with a magnifying glass I had a hard time seeing it. I think if it were as big as yours it would totally creep me out, and I'd be hunting it down. But different kinds of sea spiders eat different things; mine was on a zoanthid, so it probably eats zoas; yours might be different. Of course it might eat snails or something else you don't want eaten....
  4. Unknown live rock dweller

    alastair, I have a bivalve that's been in my tank as long as we've had it, over two years. The siphons are a giveaway. They survive amazingly well....we "cooked" the tank for 5 months and he's still going strong..grown a lot, too! He's got a lot of spikes, but I don't think it's really a spiny oyster.
  5. Sea Spider?

    How big was it? How did you get it off (I'm envisioning a jeweler's loupe here, and tiny forceps)? Did it damage anything in your tank?
  6. Sea Spider?

    Argent, that is the creepiest pic! Yeh, that's pretty much what it looks like, down to the color; it blended so well with the zoa trunk that it was hard to see. If it hadn't been moving a little, I probably would have thought the zoa just had some striping on it. No, unfortunately it wasn't an amphipod! It wasn't laterally compressed like they are; it was almost wrapped around the zoa, like a rubber band. I don't have a lot of amphipods at the moment, but I do have lots of (not evil) isopods and copepods. Do any fish eat sea spiders? I don't know how I could get rid of it, without getting rid of the whole frag. The zoa doesn't look stressed (other than looking like it had something wrapped around it at the time), and of course I can't see the thing now; it might not even still be in the "shot glass". I wonder how many of these tiny things are in our tanks and we never notice them? Especially people with big reef tanks, who don't always notice the tiny life like nano keepers do? This is a small frag of zoas (6 polyps?), but there are others in the tank, and shrooms and GSP, too, so if it eats softies, this is a good place for it. I wonder if it had anything to do with my tank crash last year.... not it specifically, but all its friends and relatives....I'll just watch things closely, and see if the zoas start suffering. Thanks for all the replies!
  7. Sea Spider?

    Last night I was moving around a shroom and some zoas that were attached to each other, but no rocks, and I noticed something at the base of one of the zoos. It was incredibly tiny, maybe 1-2mm? Multiple legs, seemed more flexible than crab or shrimp legs, and a longish body, as opposed to a round body. It was so hard to get a good look at it, even holding the poor frag up to the glass and using a magnifying glass. It didn't look like it was doing the zoos any favors! I immediately put the frag (hopefully with the critter still on it) in my version of a shot glass, with some bridal netting over the top; but it could probably get out if it wanted to. Anybody ever seen anything that sounds remotely like this before??
  8. Brown Worm-Like Creatures

    Might be flatworms...do they ever move? Do you see them floating/swimming? When flatworms do swim, I think they look like ghosts...rounded at the top, bottom concave. If they are flatworms, sounds like they're the bad kind that will smother zoos, so I'd find out for sure what they are. Post pics, if you can.
  9. Bleached candy cane

    I got a smallish frag of candy cane Saturday at the lfs...maybe 10 heads? Looks pretty healthy, but it's very bleached right now. Didn't look too bleached at the store, but of course they have MH and we have PC. We have it near the top of the tank, pretty much in the current. Am I abusing it? Should I put it lower in the tank? I only have 26w PC. Thanks!
  10. my tank is crashing, need help

    I hate it when this happens...happened to me, too, in my 5g. Finally we gave up, took all the smaller frags out and gave them to a local guy (where all of them struggled, but some made it). We cooked the tank for 5 months. You'd be amazed at what survived the cooking! Peanut worms, clams, bristles, GSP, one monster amphipod. The real bummer for me was the tiny brittle stars died. No zoas made it, the pistol shrimp and pom-pom crab bit it, but now we're back up and running. Guess we turned the lights back on in September (?). We've reseeded with LR and LS, and got a few shrooms and small zoa frags. But the crash is very depressing. At least you have a few other tanks, so if you want to restart this tank, (or its replacement), you'll have some LR and/or LS to seed the biological filter. And someday it will live again....
  11. Nuisance Red Macro (Amphiroa sp?)

    Where'd you pick up the LR? I got some from Coral Reef a few months ago, that's still sprouting new macros. None of my red macros have made it, though; maybe you need some of my snails!
  12. Such thing as a neusance mushroom?

    Well I know next to nothing, but my Rhodactis looked different than that...that's a little more organized than mine, and the mouth is a little larger on that one.
  13. Is this cyano?

    Could be either, imho; the bubbles underneath looks like diatoms, but the purplish color toward the bottom looks like cyano. Unless there's some nice coralline underneath the goop. Either way, too many nutrients (either nitrates or phosphates).
  14. Lime-Stripe goby with ich?

    We got a lime-stripe goby for our 5g nano about 1 1/2 weeks ago. He's eating well, nabbing pods left and right; we've fed him some frozen mysis once, and cyclopeeze once. He's definitely not losing weight and acts fine, but he has spots on his fins, tail and sides. There was one on his nostril yesterday. I call the lfs that sold him to me the day after we bought him, when I first noticed the spots; the guy said that the little gobies seem to usually throw off any infections pretty well, esp. if they don't go off their food. However, he doesn't seem to be getting better. Should I try to catch him and do a fw dip? I haven't dealt with sw ich (or any other sw fish diseases) before, and I know the inverts can't handle any of the meds. Suggestions???
  15. Gigantic bristle worm: Keep or get rid of it?

    I had one that was not quite that big...about 8"..but in a 5g tank, he was huge. I felt like he had to go, since his dying could easily crash the tank, but I finally did it when I saw him kill and eat a nassarius snail. I had to grab him with kitchen tongs to get him out. Maybe you could put him in the fuge...