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  1. Hey Everyone, I just had a quick question that hopefully someone will be able to answer.(Hope This Is In The Right Forum!) I just received what i beleive to be a 90 gal acrylic aquarium in a very unusual shape (sorry no pictures) and I need to fabricate a stand for it, however the stand needs to hold up to the test of time and weight, so basically what i'm wondering is if there is an equation i can use to calculate how much this sucker is gonna weigh when it's filled with water. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Josh M.
  2. How many aquariums do you have?

    I have 21 aquariums!!! But only 2 that are salt water, the rest have Reptiles in em hehehe Josh
  3. What is this....

    think i'll toss it to be safe, but i never saw it, or any apendage protrude from the rock before, featherdusterlike, or otherwise. thnx for the help guys Josh
  4. What is this....

    Ok, so i was breaking up some LR to add to the aquarium and lo and behold...this freakish worm thing was inside...unfortunately i cut it in half while breaking up the rock, but its in my second tank currently to see if it survives...any ideas? and is it bad for my tank? Josh
  5. Abreviations

    can someone point me to a thread that shows what all the Abreviations used on this site mean? Josh
  6. This is what its all about!

    that is a filter lol creates good flow for my tank, and i liked the look of it it's a Stingray Filter (old pump craped out on me, and it was all they had at the LFS that would fit in my tank.)...and thankyou for comments yes those clowns are siblings, and attached at the hip, the lil one follows the bigger one around like it was life or death what sort of corals should i go looking for? Josh
  7. This is what its all about!

    by the way, if you notice in the aquascaping one of my live rocks has a hole in it, it's a pretty deep hole to, any suggestions on fish, or inverts that would make use of this hole as a home? Josh
  8. This is what its all about!

    As requested here is my full tank shot... no corals yet but soon, so very soon! Josh
  9. This is what its all about!

    yes yes i know, i spotted it when i saw the picture, as you can't really see it when looking the tank, but needles to say i got myself one of those nifty lil magnetic algae cleaner doodads, and gave it a whipe Thankyou for your comments! keep em coming! Josh
  10. well, some of you may remember me from posting in the newbie forum a while ago... well needless to say it's been a little over a month now since i started the whole process of setting up a nano, and thanks to everyone here, it was a very smooth process for me, with no problems whatsoever... let me break it down for you! after starting the cycle period for my aquarium wich lasted roughly 1 week...wich i thought was odd, but attribute it to the fact i only had a 10 gal to work with, and about 15-20lbs of cured live rock, and about 10lbs of live sand from an established reef, and upon noticing all manner of life moving around in the rocks, and sand, i decided to test the waters...so i added a blue legged hermit, and 2 snails (plus a hitchiker snail from a rock) after about 3 weeks of them just doin dandy... i decided to run my tests again on my water (wich i did every day from day one so as to monitor spikes and whatnot) and bring in some more of my water to the LFS for them to double check for me, well everything was literally perfect, and while in the store i noticed not one, but TWO of the exact fish i started this whole nano for in the first place!... 2 Baby CB True Percula ClownFish!!!! so i described my tank set up thus far to the salesman and asked if he thought i was ready to add a fish or two to my tank, he asked what kind of tank i was going for, and what i designed it for your basic question a good salesman asks to determine the right thing for you sort of deal, so i told him i started the whole thing to acomodate those 2 fish, and in responce he laughed and said they would be absolutely fine to put in the tank now...so i bought some food and more hermits (cause i love em) and....without further banter on my part here are my pair of clowns... comments welcome Josh
  11. IMG_0425

  12. Transplanting a Nano?

    perfect, thanks for your help! Josh
  13. Some of you might remember the post where i asked a billion newb questions, well thanks to you all of your help, i now have a barren, but alive Nano in a 5.5 gal. now after staring at a tank that didn't take to long to cycle (used cured live rock, and sand from a LFS) i brought in some water to get tested aswell, just to make sure i was reading everything correctly, and decided to add a small clean up crew as algae was starting to grow, so i started off with a turbosnail, and blue legged hermit crab, a week later and they were doing great (crab even molted, and changed shells) i decided to add a Emerald crab, and another snail. Now looking at my tank with its inhabitants including 30 lil white starfish wich only come out at night, im wondering if my tank is to small for adding a clown, and anemone... so is it possible to transplant a nano to a bigger tank? i'm obviously going to need more LR and LS, But can this be done? or will i need to cycle a whole new tank? thanks for your input Josh
  14. by the way, anyone got any good websites, or links that show the various, shrooms, polyps, anemones, and that sort of good stuff available to nano-reefers? Josh