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  1. Craigslist link http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/for/4560265133.html
  2. Turnkey BC 29

    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/for/4427812180.html Some pics at this link. PM me for more/better pics.
  3. Turnkey BC 29

    Hi Reefers- I will be moving sometime this summer and don't want to take my tank with me. I would like to sell it as a complete unit and will wait a reasonable amount of time before I will consider parting it out. This thing is truly turnkey, just bring your buckets and go. HARDWARE BC 29 with dual LOC-LINE return and MJ 1200 24" Sunpod 150 Halide light (all LEDS' work) AquaC Remora skimmer with MJ 1200 BC 29 Canopy with working compact fluorescents ( originals with about 40 hours of burn time) 100 watt heater Nice fitted stand with adjustable shelf and smoked glass front 2 multi outlet power strips and 2 timers Miscellaneous supplies ( Hoses,nets used halide bulbs etc.) 1 Odysey 150 watt fixture- I bought it used as a backup, never needed it but the actinics don't work. 20 gallons of Real Ocean in 5 gallon containers LIVESTOCK 30#'s coralline covered live rock 15#'s live sand 5#s of rubble rock Hi Fin Goby paired with red striped shrimp Starry Blenny Blue Coral banded shrimp Snails-turbo,nassarius and a bunch of small ones that continuously lay eggs on the glass 1twenty polyp "hawaiian palys" Asking $450.00 for everything but will consider reasonable offers. I am located in 90403 NR isn't letting me upload pics because the files are too big. If you are interested PM me your e-mail and I'll send pics
  4. Blue zoos lighting preference?

    I've had frags of Tubs blues under T-5 and Halides. They have thrived under both although they grew faster under the T-5's.
  5. flame angel in a 30g reef tank

    You might want to consider a Cherub angel. They don't grow as large as Flames and are better suited for smaller tanks. Just be sure that it is the last fish you add because any subsequent livestock additions will get bullied. IMO its about the only type of small angel suitable for a nano. I have had Potters, AfricanFlamebacks, Flames and Rustys in my 150 and they have thrived because they need a lot of lateral swimming room and need plenty of live rock to graze. Most centropyges aren't suited for small tanks and IME won't last long.
  6. Sand requirements for nassarius snails

    Small grain sand is best. They don't do real well in crushed coral because it is difficult for them to burrow. Mine have done best with about 2 inches of substrate.
  7. brittle star killing snails?

    I had a green brittle star in a 29 gallon that ate my smaller snails and 2 trimma gobies. Unless you directly feed them meaty chunks of food they will become predatory. Can't really blame them, they have to eat. Generally brittle stars should be kept in higher volume tanks with medium to large size fish.
  8. Hawkfish picture and discussion thread

    Hawkfish will eat small gobies and small crustaceans.
  9. Brand new Nano Cube modular surface skimmer in Box. $12.00 shipped anywhere in U.S.
  10. green banded goby compatibility

    I currently house a GBG with 2 different species of trimmas, a red head goby, a highfin goby and a coral croucher goby in a BC 29. My red head and the GBG hang out together and I have never noticed aggression between any of them. I think these guys are the best fish for nanos. Go for it .
  11. Algae eating fish for a 25g?

    Golden Tonga Blenny. Similar to Lawnmower blenny but is yellow.
  12. my LFS had catalina gobies bright pink and purple

    Actually they come from off the coast of southern california. Our water here might reach 70 degrees for a very short while but most of the time it is between 56-65 degrees. Not a well suited species for reef tank temps.
  13. Best skimmer options for the biocube?

    I run a Remora on mine. Its OK but it has never given me thick skimmate.
  14. best place to order live rock?

    You can always try Craigslist for local reefers getting rid of rock. I did this once and ended up with about 20 pounds of fully cured coralline encrusted pieces. Paid about $1.50 a pound.
  15. I've had halides,t-5's and power compacts. I had the best coralline growth under PC's followed by t-5's. There was growth under halides but it was slower than the flourescents.