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  1. I needed another tank 🙂 so I revived my old 12 nano cube dx. The tank is about 1 month old.
  2. I've always used half inch insulation broad that you find at lowes.
  3. My dentist provides me with all my reef cleaning supplies.
  4. Hello @Christopher Marks, It was a tough summer. Now that I'm on the path to recovery I can look back for lessons learned. Here are my updated reef specs/history as of today ... 75 gall marine land corner overflow reef tank (same!!!)20 gal sump / refug (added new custom 40gal long sump/fuge Nov 2016) 146lbs of live rock (not sure of actual weight but much less than orignal....75lbs?)120 lbs of live sand (actually went bare bottom for a few months [o' my]...now at 80lbs of sand)Still deciding on lights / skimmer any thoughts? ( 2x radeon xr15 pro, late 2015...love em!...tried cheap China lights for awhile..should've put that money towards my xr15 lights)Currently have a HOB Aqua C Remora skimmer,rated for 75g gal (reef octopus 202-s in sump...awesome love it..added Nov 2016 with sump upgrade)Will be making a custom rasberrypi / ardunio aquarium controller...eventually (never finished this...) Added: Tunze 5017 auto top off (2014 ish) custom heater controller (2014 ish) BRS gfo/carbon reactor (2018) reef octopus calcium reactor (Nov 2017...taken off since reef crash) Milwaukee MC122 pH meter (2017) Took my frag tank down to focus on main display tank recovery...who knows maybe I will build another in wall tank and make this a frag tank?...[shhh the wife is coming!] After 4 yrs of maintaining this reef I found my self always wanting more. This was ultimately my downfall. Instead of just enjoying my reef tank I wanted to improve and experiment new things/equipment. Once I added the Calcium reactor it was a new and exciting thing I could play with on my reef. Things were great for a few months. But once the CO2 was in great excess in my reef ...I could not export fast enough. Then things die and fuel the phosphate train. BUT I like change and opportunity knocked! Updated business room pics
  5. Blenny came out to say hi, finally
  6. Added a couple of new members to the reef. Flame angel and bicolor blenny (he didn't want a pic)
  7. Staring over. I had a tank crash earlier this year due to excess CO2 in my tank. Guess after 3-4 yrs it needed a restart.
  8. MrMoFo

    Clown couple

  9. Clowns wanted to say hi!
  10. Today: Water changer on display tank and frag tank. Went to Joanns fabircs bought polyester felt and made 5 filter socks. Installed one new filter sock on display tank. ...also fed frag tank corals. Yesterday. Finished diy ATO for frag tank.
  11. 50gal frag / another tank. no sump.
  12. Thank you! I'm currently working on a frag setup and then will change this one up a little bit
  13. Been about 3 years, but here is an updated tank shot.
  14. Today I made my own veggie clip for feeding my yellow tang. I just used some parts I had laying around. Enjoy!
  15. I just added a Yellow tang today and the cleaner shrimp was cleaning him within the first couple of minutes in the tank! Awesome to watch and he has been cleaned several times since taking this video.