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  1. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    Today I made my own veggie clip for feeding my yellow tang. I just used some parts I had laying around. Enjoy!
  2. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    I just added a Yellow tang today and the cleaner shrimp was cleaning him within the first couple of minutes in the tank! Awesome to watch and he has been cleaned several times since taking this video.
  3. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    Yah.....hard to win with a third string QB against Chubb who is a beast.
  4. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    Here is the promised update of my build
  5. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    GO CARDS! Glad to see a fellow cardinal fan that is also a reefer. I am going to make a video now and post later.
  6. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    I have added a new addition and figure I would show them in action. I will be uploading an overall tank update soon.
  7. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    Updated video of tank
  8. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    Update I added live rock, 2 blue/green Chromis 10 red leg crabs 10 snails (5 turbo small, 5 astraea snails) Added live rock 100 lbs of Reef saver rock from BRS...was cloudy at first http://i.imgur.com/YwyhWQy.jpg After the sand settled back down its looking clear I may change up the rock a little...I have not decided how much I like the current layout. http://i.imgur.com/bi9HfSk.jpg Fuge with new Cheto http://i.imgur.com/n7kwSiX.jpg
  9. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    I would prefer a HOB skimmer but I am open to the type that can sit outside the tank skim, Does anyone use an outside the tank skimmer? Found a good way to silence my MAG7 pump using some braieded tubing cut in half. http://i.imgur.com/CCMbt76.jpg Here is are a couple options I am considering for aquascaping. Which do you like 1 or 2? #1 http://i.imgur.com/MfnPm3d.jpg #2 http://i.imgur.com/VIa21FT.jpg
  10. Setting up New 20 Gal tank

    Hello and Welcome! My suggestion is to look around online at pics and layouts of other peoples sump designs. Here is a good overview of sumps and how to make a 20 long into a sump http://www.melevsreef.com/articles/make-sump-using-20g-long You can check out my 29 gal tank I was gonna build. It had a 10gal sump but same basic concept applies to all sump/refugs Also my 75 gal in wall sump design uses a 20 gal tall if you want to see how I setup that sump. to date this is my favorite sump I have built. I would go for a return pump that is 10x your tank volume ...so I would use a 200 gph return for a 20 gal tank (You will have head loss from pushing the water back into the main tank) I would use a 3/4" or 1" bulk head ...buy them at http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/ Great place for online purchases Hard plumb or soft whichever fits your needs. I like hard plumbing with pvc unions to allow for easy maintenance. lot of info....so basically go get some glass or acrylic and start building your sump! Remember it is okay to mess up or do something wrong this is how we learn and gain experience. -Rich
  11. DIY in wall 75g reef tank

    Hello all! My new DIY in wall 75 gallon corner overflow reef tank...in progress specs: 75 gall marine land corner overflow reef tank 20 gal sump / refug 146lbs of live rock (not installed yet) 120 lbs of live sand Still deciding on lights / skimmer any thoughts? Currently have a HOB Aqua C Remora skimmer (rated for 75g gal) Will be making a custom rasberrypi / ardunio aquarium controller...eventually Here is the video of current day and overall status of my in wall tank. Those looking for more background...see below I started this build on 9-20-14 so I will first give a little background about this build. A high level summary and I can add more detail if needed/requested/wanted Pic below shows how the location for my new tank looked originally http://i.imgur.com/sjHPwq0.jpg Everything within the closet removed and ready for the transformation to begin. http://i.imgur.com/imgHVII.jpg New door! to my new fish room...you enter from the adjacent closet http://i.imgur.com/t4DVXaH.jpg Newly custom built stand http://i.imgur.com/Ox6mXye.jpg Rough fit of the new stand and tank to make any adjustments. http://i.imgur.com/NBzHfI2.jpg I painted everything with a mildew resistant paint http://i.imgur.com/szNYRQ0.jpg Before drywall was installed http://i.imgur.com/hgpGRZN.jpg Inside the new fish room without drywall http://i.imgur.com/Ktqgzbx.jpg . Please leave comments and feedback. As I proceed I will update. -Rich (aka MrMoFo)
  12. DIY 29 gal bowfront w/ 10g sump / overflow

    Thanks! It is my first time drilling a tank and setting up a overflow system. Everything I have done in the past was HOB.
  13. DIY 29 gal bowfront w/ 10g sump / overflow

    Video has been fixed. thanks jR! for the heads up.
  14. DIY 29 gal bowfront w/ 10g sump / overflow

    thanks...I will work to fix and then update link
  15. DIY 29 gal bowfront w/ 10g sump / overflow

    Fixed (hopefully) if not let me know and I will try again.