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  1. I have often thought about doing a twist on the bare bottom/no sand tanks ....and place some small rock rubble on the bottom of the tank ya know take a rock and break it into small least it seems like a cool idea
  2. very nice ...great colors
  3. ....your dog is living better than many people hehehe very nice
  4. oooo ahhhhh very nice!
  5. ...i think the algea might be eating him......
  6. you should get out in the sun a little more.....
  7. fragtabulous!!
  8. nice pic! =)
  9. oooo nice its even on the floor at major walkway/corner in the house please post pics of tank after someone kicks it such a nice tank hate to see it destroyed....
  10. .....good luck
  11. think about the mess a typical tanks causes during maintance...then think about the "little bit" of water that normally goes on a counter top or on the tank stand....well now it will be under your carpet. good times not to mention the possibility of something falling into the tank or someone kicking the tank on accident. IMO SW tanks are too expensive to just place it on the floor.
  12. umm spend the 25-50 bucks on a cheap stand........on the floor = bad idea
  13. my new hammer coarl in my 20gal-H
  14. IMO you should paint the PVC flat black to match the light