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  1. 16" Sunpod 70 watt 14K bulb

    Light is sold!
  2. 16" Sunpod 70 watt 14K bulb

    When do you get back? I am out of town starting next Wednesday and will be gone for 7 days. Don't need tank, broke my ankle so no tanks for me for a while.
  3. 16" Sunpod 70 watt 14K bulb

  4. 16" Sunpod 70 watt 14K bulb

    Make it $150 and we have a deal! I am in Canton right near you.
  5. 16" Sunpod 70 watt 14K bulb

  6. 16" Sunpod 70 watt 14K bulb

    Yeah I thought that too. I don't think it is that vigorous lol!
  7. 95606Halide2

    pic 4 class
  8. 95606Halide1

    pic 4 class
  9. 16" Sunpod 70 watt 14K bulb

    In very good condition, bulb is barely 2 months old. Unit itself is maybe 4 months old. Unfortunately I broke my ankle and am unable to take care of my tank any longer. So anyway here it is $160 shipped lower 48 cont us. Low ballers will be ignored. I am a long time member of this board, and I suggest if you have a hard time trusting me you search my threads and notice the previous transactions in this board, coupled with the fact that I would be banned by now. Thank-you!
  10. 95606Halide2

  11. 95606Halide1

  12. Want to reaquascape and have some questions.

    Aquascaping is tough! I do not think yours is that bad. I do think that if your having difficulty placing corals maybe you should try taking some rock out. You really don't need so much rock. Especially since it looks like you have almost no bioload. Consider breaking up your rock with a hammer. Might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I.E. might give you that shape your after to make that overhang or whatever. Ultimately I think you would be shocked at how good your tank might look if all the rock were covered in corals. Try to buy frags in order to make this happen. Hope this helps. Take care!
  13. lgreen's Ultimate Guide To Nano Fish

    This guide is great! I am not sure if this was covered. I do not think I saw this anywhere. I think people should be aware that a six-line wrasse caught from the Philippines is a lot different then one caught in Fiji! In this case the Fijian caught fish have a much better mortality rate. I do not know the exact reasoning on this, but it is true and I have experienced this. Actually fish caught in the Philippines tend to do a lot poorer then caught elsewhere. I would like to see more on compatibility in these various size tanks to be truly thorough. Just my 2 nuts. Great job though!
  14. My new BC14

    Good Job! You really are going for the long term success!
  15. My new BC14

    Off to a good start. If you want the advice of someone who has been doing this a few years and has had a 14G biocube for a few years. I would get rid of the sand. DSB seem to not really work in a 14g biocube. Just not enough foot print for the creatures to do the job. Either that or you will need to constantly buy recharge kits from inland aquatics. The sand acts like a wick for any and all nutrients, phosphate, silicate whatever that came in from any bit of uneaten food. If you do any kind of frozen or dry food all of these carry some amount of these minerals and nutrients. Over time like 1 year into having the tank it will start to re release these things and you will be battling and algae outbreak like you would not believe. No amount of water changes with RODI water, food limiting. GFO phosphate removers, etc, etc will help you. The only solution is to remove most if not all of your sand. Also it seems that your flow is kind of on the low side. I would bump that up. Dead spots are your worst enemy. Good luck!