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  1. "New" LED Nano Cube 6 gallon question

    Funny, I was just looking for this info today too. Thinking about coming back to the hobby. I could only find the same info you came across. Hopefully someone chimes in.
  2. BREAD's 20L mixed reef

    Wow, it's been nearly 3 years. Not sure why, but I randomly decided to come back to check how the site was doing. I also just finished reading through my tanks thread. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I never realized how amazing my tank was until now. It REALLY bums me out. ...this thread is actually bringing me down, man. Oh well, I'll come back to it someday. Thanks for everything, NanoReerfers! This tank would've been nothing without you guys!
  3. Nano Cube 24DX with stand and LR

    some updated pics from today. I only made about 10 gallons worth with this everything in this bag is unused and brand new. small mishap while cleaning it out today, but it still opens fine as you can see in the previous pictures.
  4. I need to make some extra cash quick so i've decided to sell my Nano Cube. Local pick up only but if you're within a reasonable distance I'll deliver it personally. I'm asking for $200 for everything. You'll be getting the tank, stand, and LR. these pictures are from when I first set it up, but of course by now theres some coralline growth.
  5. Six line problem? A

    its actually normal behavior for it to wrap itself in a cocoon, they do that when they sleep. has it been in the cocoon for any extended period of time??
  6. BREAD's 20L mixed reef

    aw man, you're making me blush ..lol jk i actually did have some major heat problems last summer, so i had fan running behind it the whole time the MH was on. this summer hasnt been that bad so far but i've been thinking about putting the fan back anyways.
  7. BREAD's 20L mixed reef

    i keep my MH 6" from the water. i used to keep it lower because the bulb would shine in my face while on the bed, but much of the light wasnt getting to the sides so i decided to suck it up and raise it up a bit. LEDs huh.. i just checked out the price on those and uhh i think i'll stick to MH, lol. does anyone on NR have the solaris? i'd love to see the kind of light output it has and what they think about it. you know, the whole time i was taking down my 20L(to fix it back up again of course) i was thinking of just selling everything and throwing a really nice mantis in there, but i guess the reefing bug still gets the best of me
  8. BREAD's 20L mixed reef

    now that i look back at the old pictures i feel so dumb for letting it get as bad as it did. but hey, with this new start maybe it'll be just a good, maybe even better SPS on the insides sounds like a really good idea ..i think im gonna go for it. hmmm.. yeah the garbage can is my fuge, how embarrassing huh.
  9. BREAD's 20L mixed reef

    so much for posting that night... ok so that whole prop tank thing didnt really work out too well and all my SPS corals died =/ ..so i decided to start all over. i cleaned it up as much as i could, changed the sandbed, and redid the aquascape.. i think it looks good ..alot more simple than before. the corals aren't at their final resting places yet, i'm pacing myself with this one. im thinking keeping most if not all the softies and LPS on the right island and maybe a bunch of SPS on the left. if i dont go the SPS route maybe a RBTA?
  10. Brass Fittings

    i gonna have to agree with you on that one, lowes also didn't have the size that i was looking for in nylon. i just got a bigger size ..it was a really tight fit but it worked out. HD and lowes are really close to me, thats why i always go there but im gonna go check out Ace Hardware.
  11. Brass Fittings

    yeah, thats usually the case but for some odd reason they didn't have any for that particular size. i'm probably gonna go check out lowes.
  12. Brass Fittings

    wow ..thats great well it looks like im going out to find some nylon fittings tomorrow. thanks for the quick reply cregbeary EDIT: would anyone happen to know how quick the brass will take affect on the water/corals?? would it be an immediate reaction, or does it take a while?? its been there since sunday.
  13. Brass Fittings

    i noticed that my SCWD wasnt switching anymore i took it out for some cleaning and saw that one of the gears inside had came loose. this was all while i was converting my reef into a prop tank and i needed a quick fix. no stores around me that i know of sell SCWDs so i just decided to go to HD really quick to make T connection to replace the broken SCWD. well i needed barbs for the vinyl hose but they didn't carry nylon ones in the right size, only brass. seeing that it was my only choice for right now, i went ahead and bought it. i know some metals don't belong in the reef(like copper) but will brass give me any problems??
  14. BREAD's 20L mixed reef

    BIG UPDATE TODAY!! lots of reading for you wow, i haven't been on the forums in a looong time ..now im not updated with the reefing world anything new in 2007 that i should know about?? any new cool equipment that came out this year?? whats the new "money" coral, are dendros still up there?? well i've been really busy lately because nursing school has taken over my life and my tank looked HORRIBLE. my priorities seemed out of whack ..everyone knows that reefing is always #1!! yeah, so while i was out owning at nursing school my tank became a complete POS.. my friends were even telling me to sell it because it got so bad. i thought about it for a few months and i finally decided to say goodbye to my beloved reef. although its not totally out of my life. i've decided to make it a prop tank ..i loved it too much to sell it instead of it sitting there looking ugly its gonna sit there and make me my dough yo. i'll post my whole process of tank evolution tonight(with pictures! ..everyone loves those!) ..right now im gonna go take my little cousins to the park and im gonna scope out the ladies .."hey, go tell those girls that you're lost then come find me..." just kiddinggg. i'll see yall tonight!