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  1. Funny, I was just looking for this info today too. Thinking about coming back to the hobby. I could only find the same info you came across. Hopefully someone chimes in.
  2. planning on emptying that trash bin any time soon?
  3. lovin that brain
  4. 5?
  5. Haha, I'm glad you all like it. Yeah, I did it on PS.
  6. i got bored...
  7. me

    wow, cute
  8. the white stuff looks like a sponge
  9. amazing yuma you got there
  10. WTF, are you seriously gonna shoot on his daughter like that? would you not be offended if i said that about your daughter(if you did/do have one)? you're really f*cked up blooper. anyways.. im loving the tatoo man, especially because graffiti is my thing. i've always wanted to tag up the walls in my room but my parents would get PISSED and just paint over it anyways =\
  11. if it truely is a queen conch lets hope that its in a large tank or you're planning to put it in a large tank because that thing gets up to a foot in length
  12. haha.. Yeah, must be hard to capitolize the fist letter of a sentence too.
  13. what is it saying..? =P