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  1. what is this

    What is this green tube looking thing and this brown clusters? How do I get rid of them?
  2. razataz 20 long

    Been a while since I updated. My tank crashed on me and I lost all of my fish both clowns, firefish,ycg, and pepperment shrimp. Lost all of my sps coral lps coral. the only coral to survive was the leathers and a few of the zoes and the mushrooms . Good news is my wife gave me the ok to up size. I know own a new to me 75 gal oceanic tank i liked the nano wold But I think i might like the bigger tank just a little bit more.
  3. tek shield

    Tek shield Who runs the shield Run with are with out.
  4. how many gph

    How many gph do you run threw your little fishies phosban reactor . I will be runing chemi-pure
  5. 20L. AIO. foam wall.

    I want to put a mp10 in my 20L tank Since you have owned a mp20 also do you thank the mp10 would also be enough flow for a 40 breeder when I upgrade . The 40 will only be a lps tank
  6. Skimmer's

    Can you get some detail pics of the bubble plate it looks funny to me from the pics I have seen.
  7. Skimmer's

    I thank the nac3 is what the cadlights tank comes with you should be able to get it from them. I would like to get one also or a octopus 110 but that might be over kill for my 20L.
  8. ac jr vs reef keeper lite basic models

    Is one easier to use then the other one What comes with the $150 ac jr? The ac jr package 1 for 225 will do every thing the rkl 3 will do are am I missing some thing else. Will the jr do auto top off.
  9. ac jr vs reef keeper lite basic models

    For the 5th plug 1 will have to buy a pc4 and a sl2 for the probe to work an extra 170 on top of the 100 for the unit. That's why I was wondering if the ac jr will do all of that for half the price. give me the fith plug and ph monitoring with out the need to buy add ons to get it to work. I want a temp control unit I will plug in 1) lights 2) fan 3) heater4) Fuge Light. 5) return pump for feeding I forget to turn back on after I feed. Why I want a feeding mode.
  10. ac jr vs reef keeper lite basic models

    Thanks that's what I was trying to find out does this model http://www.marinedepot.com/Neptune_Systems...ITEMOMI-vi.html Come with the dc8
  11. How many items can you plug into a ac jr.? I know you can only plug 4 into the lite I would like 5 that means another pc4 for the lite. can you plug a ph probe into the jr are do you have to buy something for it to work? The lite I need to buy a sl1 or sl2 to get ph probe to work They both do temp control right are do I have that wrong. Do they both have feeding modes.
  12. RKL

    Do you have to have a module to hook up a float switch or can you do it with just the rkl?
  13. Learning's 40g Breeder Build

    How is that mp 10 doing on that size tank. I have been wondering if it would be enough flow from one end to the other.
  14. recirculating skimmer

    That's what I like to hear. I am thanking about getting one.
  15. recirculating skimmer

    I was wondering if recirculating skimmers are sensitive to water level changes or if you forget to turn of while feeding do they go crazy like a in sump model would. Do they over flow like a in sump model.