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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the good wishes.
  2. I took off work Wednesday through the weekend this week. Tuesday, my "wonderful" boss tells me that instead of being there two more weeks, like he told me last week, I would be starting in my new location Monday. As in he told me it was my last day. Well, I am going out of town today, so I had to break down the tank before my vacation this weekend. Called my LFS to be sure he had room for my tank's contents, picked up 5 Homer buckets from Home Depot, loaded everything into the buckets, and went to my LFS. I'm grateful my LFS had the room for my tank's livestock, and even more grateful he gave me some cash to ease the pain of practically giving it all away at such short notice. I am pissed my boss did this to me. I could have easily finished selling everything, pocketing at least 4 times as much for everything, if I would have been here another 2 weeks, like he had promised. After I get done with moving and management training, I'll set the tank back up. I just hope I can transfer back to warm weather again, after I put in my time in colder climates. This snail just didn't want to go to the LFS I really hate seeing this. I put a lot of time and hard work into this build. The amount of money I lost off livestock makes it really hurt. Thanks! This move will give me an opportunity to further perfect my design. I have a few things I'd like to change before I set it back up down the road.
  3. Just sold a few corals. Breaking the tank down. I am moving soon, and may be moving a few times in the next couple years. Here are a few shots of the tank's inhabitants as of now:
  4. Get the 2x EF teleconverter. I want to get one so bad, just for lunar shots.
  5. Slippy tank! Also, Ray please ban the moran who has Jer's av. KTHXBAI
  6. Jason, what was the flash duration for your iris shot? If the flash duration was too long, was it possible the iris started to close? Any iris shots I have done were with a short flash duration.
  7. Please post your impressions on the STM aspect. I'm tempted to pick one up for myself.
  8. Thanks! It seems that my hobbies are the only thing I have patience for. Just about everything else, not so much. The kessil is amazing. My coral is physically coloring up very well. Greens and blues in everything seems to be more vivid than ever. My tank temps stay low, and evap is slower than any other tank. The beam spread with the wide angle lens is just barely wide enough. I want to make a slim box for the lamp that will eliminate extra light from spilling over the edges of the tank. I don't like seeing light shining past the edges of the tank onto the ground.
  9. Very cool. It would be cool to step in on a 10 minute exposure to add the steel wool fire to a star trails shot. Or a sunset photo. Maybe try to get the circle aligned with the sun that's setting on the horizon.
  10. Get the Canon G15. People who aren't wanting to spend a lot of money on camera gear should save themselves the expense of a sack full of lenses and get a power zoom p+s, IMO.
  11. That's awesome! Now I want to get some and give it a try.
  12. Smoke shots? Pretty cool stuff! Almost looks CG.
  13. Niece and nephew shots from several weeks ago. Finally got around to editing them. As always, any feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated! #65 Toothless by Jake_Brake, on Flickr #66 Mean Muggin' by Jake_Brake, on Flickr #67 Coy by Jake_Brake, on Flickr
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