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  1. I've got a CPR BakPak skimmer and a 12" aquafuge that I combined into one unit. Basically this unit will fit on a 10 gallon...but it is heavy (it would need to be supported). I used acrylic glue to combine the two units into one. The unit is powered by a MJ1200 with the venturi option. This skimmer works well! I would do $65 shipped to the Continental US. I have cleaned it up more since the images were taken, and I plan to use some weak vinegar to clean out the rest of the calcium/carbohydrate "scum" that is in there. SO...$65 shipped to CONUS. I will accept paypal or checks/money order. Thanks for looking. -Jon
  2. So about an Angel

    A Cherub or Brazilian flameback angel would be a good choice for a small tank like the nanocube. Whatever you gey, just be sure to have TONS of open spaces in the live rock for them to scurry in and through for their own enjoyment. -Jon
  3. Cleaning Empty Tank

    Vinegar will help if there's calcium...but the best way I've found is a razor blade and elbow grease. Water helps to get the algae off...just don't try to get it off dry, that is a pain! -Jon
  4. Licensing for Corals

    My view is this: Government get out of my life! Just as I feel about guns, cars, and any other personal property...more regulation doesn't help...it usually hurts! When's the last time the government did something right? And now we want them to regulate our hobbies too! WHAT ARE WE THINKING?
  5. Oceanic's New Biocube - Due April-May 06

    Got a great tif file from Oceanic. They emailed me back very quickly. I have glass thicknesses and specs directly from Oceanic....if you want them! I could be nice and give them.... (8.9 gallon) is 4mm (14.3 gallon is 5mm (29.1 gallon) is 6mm Looks like they MAY have addressed the glass issue (4mm seems good for a 8 gallon) All have two fans. 2*50mm for the smallest tank. 2*60mm for the other two. The two smaller ones have 2 3/4 watt LED's, and the largest has 3. -Jon If you email customer service from Oceanic, they'll send you a nice spec sheet/picture sheet!
  6. New 2006 12 gallon dx nanocube

    Would you sell the hood with it? I would be interested in that!
  7. Elcipse 5gallon hex filter

    Yeah, you won't be sorry you added the AC...much better filters. Is that little hatcher thingy by SF good? I thought if that worked, then they wouldn't be THAT hard to maintain (the little dwarf seahorses)...but it seems like it would be a lot of work otherwise...especially hatching the brine shrimp EVERY day!) Hope it works out for you. -Jon
  8. Elcipse 5gallon hex filter

    Wouldn't a HOB filter suck those little guys up? Maybe a small aquaclear-you might be able to get away with using the surface skimmer....or just put a filter pad over the intake. I think the small aquaclears would be your best bet. I used an AC 150 on an eclipse 3 gallon setup....worked much better than the stock setup, that's for sure! -Jon PS-what do you feed your dwarfs?
  9. Clam under PC's ?

    Alright...I've kept Croceas under PC light for about 8 months..however, it was 166 watts of PC light over a 15 gallon short. They fared well, grew, but they weren't the best. Moved them into my 45 gallon with 250 watt HQI MH...and they really started to shine! Pleas....36 watts is in NO WAY fine for a clam. Also, the volume is just way too small. Get a larger tank, better lighting, then try clams. -Jon
  10. Modified 24g NC

    Does the nano pack from Tunze do auto-top off too? I know it has a "resevoir bucket" with it...but I didn't know exactly what that did. Any idea what I'm talking about? Thanks, Jon
  11. 12 gallon nano cube

    Great looking tank...definitely amazing considering this is your first tank! Looks great! I mean...wow! Definitely amazing, but considering it is your first tank, that's GREAT! ! ! keep up the great work in the hobby!
  12. here is my 5 month project

    Great tank...I have an extra AGA 10 gallon, 2*28 watt CF setup, and an aquaclear 500 hanging around...I really would love to have as nice a tank as you! That looks gorgeous!
  13. Is 96 watts 50/50 pc enough on a 10g for any sps?

    You guys should remember that there is more to Acros and SPS than just pure light. PC light can and will sustain SPS. Just make sure you have a really stable tank, good measurements of Ca and ALK, and maybe even feed the corals something like DT's oyster eggs....the PC lights I have used in the past with Acros have really gotten great coloration! Not as fast growth as my MH setups, but still great coloration and moderate growth. -Jon
  14. 123

    Are they all connected, and what sizes are thos tanks? -Jon