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  1. Madison WI Frag Swap

    The MARS FRAGSWAP 9.0 is going to be Saturday, January 26, 2013, 12-3 pm. It will be held at VFW post 7591, 301 Cottage Grove Rd, Madison, WI A once-yearly opportunity for Madison Areaa Reefers Society (MARS) members and the general public to buy/sell and trade corals, dry goods and marine fish. The swap will run from 12-3 pm and is free to enter. All entrants will have a chance to draw for one of dozens of door prize drawings donated by our vendors. -Free swap and stop table for those who have 1-20 items and want to sell out of ziplocs or coolers. 30 minute time limit on the table. Vendors including: -Dry Goods from Dirk's: the real reefers store -Jim's Reef -Cherry Corals -Eye Candy Corals -Beef's Reef -Booyah's Clowns -Reef Deep -Limpit's Reef
  2. The MARS Frag Swap will be held January 28th at VFW Post 7591-Cottage Grove Road 301 Cottage Grove Rd, Madison, WI http://maps.google.com/maps?q=301+Cotta ... 6&t=m&z=15 The swap will run from 12:00-3 pm. Swap admission is free for the general public and club members. There will be also be tickets for door prizes given out at the door.
  3. Please add me. I believe I sent you a PM a while ago. Best to email me at the address in the PM, please. Thanks, C
  4. 20H Reef Tank: now with %100 more Peacock Mantis

    Was impressive before. I'm sure it'll be even better. Can't wait to see it!
  5. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Happy, happy birthday. WTG, CM. Thank you to the sponsors as well.
  6. Coral ID

    That's color temperature, not a measure of the amount of light. From how I'm reading his lighting description, I believe he has 2x 11watt bulbs. Each with a different color temperature.
  7. Fluval Edge MY STYLE

    these look so nice. i can't help but thinking that they'd be a real pita to clean, being completely full of water. up in all those corners, the top glass. they really are beautiful though.
  8. Another Rimless Beauty!

  9. diy rockwall

    where'd you get the barnacles? v cool.
  10. skeeters fluval edge macro/mangrove tank

    how's the lighting look if you take away the desk lamp? love these tanks but the lighting seems so difficult.
  11. 4 gallon finnex!

    I like the rock arrangement a lot, but is it stable? (and if so, how'd you do it?)
  12. Is this a good option for a light

    PCs are becoming history... could be, but there are still a lot of reefs with them and it'll take a while for them to be completely replaced in the hobby. Not all situations fit for a PAR38 based on the area available & the look the OP is going for. You need to have it some distance from the tank to keep from having an extreme spotlight, for instance. Granted, they are great lights.... But they just don't work for every situation. On the T5 fixture, personally, I wouldn't want a 2" overhang on each side of such a sleek tank. All this is why lighting is that hardest part of picos. The OP asked if it was a "good" fixture and assuming it meets his budget & aesthetic/space needs, yes it appears to be a good fixture and will keep a wide range of corals alive based on the wattage, color temp and the height of the tank. Caveats are that it won't work for high-light corals and it doesn't seem like any of us who replied have personal experience with reliability of this unit.
  13. Is this a good option for a light

    It won't support SPS or anemones but would work for softies & some LPS. Good find. Lighting is the hardest part about pico equipment, IMO. I believe this is the same type and wattage of bulb that's in a 14 Biocube.
  14. Fluval Edge LED setup

    ^^^ THIS!
  15. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    good to know about the lights. why is it so damn hard to light a pico? WHYYYY!?!?!