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  1. Loc-Line on 24G Nano Cube

    Hmm...I guess I'll have to try this weekend.
  2. MJ 606 or MJ 600/900 for a 12 gal DX

    How do you remove the outlet that is originially attached? Just pull?
  3. Loc-Line on 24G Nano Cube

    I want to pull out the return and replace it with some other loc-line fittings. Do I just yank this off?
  4. Anemone for 24 gal

    BTA also need more lights.
  5. RBTA-Feeding, Keeping

    Not enough light.
  6. 24DX Nano Cube Pump

    I think the pump that came with the 24G cube is really week. Has anybody ever replaced that one? What's a good one that will fit in there?
  7. I take it corals and anemones as okay then?
  8. Mini Rice?

    I don't think they are flatworms as they are too small and move too fast...like ants.
  9. I'm about to get a Peacock Mantis and was wondering if anybody has ever kept those with the following: 1. Chocolate Chip Starfish 2. Pencil Urchin 3. Calico Crab <--- mine is really big but stays buried in substrate and never bothers my small hermits or snails. 4. Queen Conch 5. Zoanthus Polyps 6. Condi Anemone Thanks!
  10. what the heck is he doing!?!?

    I read on WWM that healthy snails can always get up by themselves and it's the sick or weak ones that can't get up. Maybe old age?
  11. cant find peacock mantis for purchase. suggestions?

    I saw some locally here in San Francisco. In fact there were 3 of them. All Peacock Mantis between 3" and 4". I'll be going back to the store next week. Do you want me to check if they will ship?
  12. Mini Rice?

    I used to have them in freshwater, but they told me its Planaria. They scurry all over the glass. There is so many of them that it looks like snow on a windshield or dandraff on a black sink!
  13. Does anyone know what kind of clam this is?

    Maybe the serpent star next to it is a hitchhiker too.
  14. What kind of critter is this?

    Not spagetti worm. I have lots of spagetti worm and they don't look like that.
  15. Mini Rice?

    My tank glass is full of little white rice looking like things...except they are much, much smaller than rice. I know they are alive as I can see some of the move...really fast. I guess they are about the size of a dandruff or sand? What are they and what do I do about them?