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  1. Cleaning out the closet (lights)

    ok all lights are still up for grabbs.....all fans work.....lookin like around 10 bucks to ship the 20 and a few bucks more for the 24.
  2. Cleaning out the closet (lights)

    bump it up.....sale pending on the 20" 24 still needs to go....PM me...i will get you you the fastest that way with any questions...
  3. i have both a coral life 20" 96w power quad...needs new bulb....i can send old one if you like 40+shipping also have 24" 130W coralife lunar light 3 off/on switches 2 moon lights and 2x65 blubs also needs new bulbs 60+shipping both come with mounting legs...i have a black set and clear set buyer of first light fixture gets the choice
  4. Busy student wanting a reef, some questions

    yea it is just as easy to maintain as your FW
  5. 1st SW tank

    yea 29 is a good size my bro has one....really i say if you can afford a bigger tank go bigger.....i started my 10 gal in highschool and it was great......slowly as i get older and can afford bigger i have now moved that 10 in to a 20 with a 10 as a sump....if you get the 29 expect about 250 or so on lights alone for a good set up
  6. clear snotty thing in my tank

    i bet it is your corals sheding its mucas
  7. Growin corals

    xenia you wont have to worry about as you will pull your hair out trying to keep it under controle....all of what you have is pretty easy to keep and will usually grow pretty fast except fot the candy cane
  8. Day 5 on my new tank

    it will settle on its own
  9. Want Coralife 24" CF Aqualight

    i too have one not even a year old that is on the market
  10. Refugium question

    why not set up the display then add the refugium later....that is what i would do....that way all you need is some clamps, vinal tubing, a ball valve, over flow, and return pump and your set
  11. well this whole thing started out as a 10 gal with 28W of PC lighting then cam 96W of pc then moved to a 20 with 160W PC lighting then got a ref and used the old 28W for that.....well now with lots of money later here i am with a 150W 20k HQI with 2 65WPC super antics. i run a mag 3 return CPR 300gph over flow, seaclon skimmer, and a HOB for the carbon now for the good stuff A Long time a go in a galaxy far far away....... there was this 10 gal then the 20 Now for the HQI this is it with a 10K the Ref now with the 20k Now the super antics
  12. Why wait for anemone

    they sting everything
  13. Why wait for anemone

    i have had a RBTA is my 20 for the longest time and i cant say that it have ever moved one time *knocks on wood*. what size of tank do you have
  14. Why wait for anemone

    in all reality not a whole lot....i got a RBTA after my corals and i was fine.....I'm taking it your tank is 6 weeks and not 6 months......as long as you do your water changes every week you should be fine....i will warn you even once it is in the tank it may still move around even once you have corals so try to keep every thing as constant as you can.