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  1. Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    Man after checking out all of your amazing work I am definitely going to be comig to you for my next build Dave. Amazing work!
  2. Design my new 10 - which one guys?

    2, 3, or 6 would get my vote.
  3. 40g breeder fish?

    I wouldn't do much bigger than a flame angel or coral beauty. And I would not suggest any tangs. Look in the members tank section for 40 breeder builds to get some good ideas.
  4. Smith's 7.5G Pico:)

    You can just keep it simple. But the added water volume would help keep the parameters stable. How is everything doing?
  5. Jay's MicroReefs 4.3 cube - New Equipment!

    Looks great! I will definitely be following along. How are you liking everything this far and do you have a full tank shot?
  6. 8g Reef Islands

    Any updates?
  7. Ham's Pico Build!

    If you want a fish in a 4.3 Gallon I would suggest just a Clown Goby and not a Clow Fish because of the size of the tank and bioload you would have from it. Some rics, zoas, LPS, and softies and maybe an SPS frag or two and a yellow Clown Goby and a small CUC and I would call it fully stocked.
  8. Started my 40B project

    Looking good! I'm trying to decide between a 40 breeder or just a small desktop tank right now so I will definitely be following along.
  9. Help with my first - Micro-Reef 4.3g

    I am just getting back into the hobby after taking a few off so I am not up to date on all the latest and greatest equipment so take what I say with a grain of salt. But one of the first things you need to remember is read, read, and read some more. Research is your best friend in this hobby and this forum is an excellent source of information. As mentioned above to the pico forum to get some good ideas as well as the members aquarium section and look for others with the same tank as you. As far as fish go personally I would just go with one Small Goby or similar species with a small bio load. I plan on getting a similar tank and from my research I would recommend going with some of the new LED lighting that is out and going with LPS and Softies. I would stay away from more finicky coral as well such as SPS as it is much harder to keep levels just right in such a small tank. As far as water flow the return pump should be enough. Although you could always upgrade it. Or just go for a MP10 with a shallow reef modification from PiCo Reefs if you have the money. As far as rock goes I'd try to find some from an established system from a trusted person so you know the amount of "bad" hitchhikers are limited. I'm sometimes wary of the big bins from a local store if they don't have an excellent reputation. Just weigh the pros and cons of live vs dry rock. Good luck!
  10. hey :) - new to marine keeping

    Welcome! I myself am just coming back to the site and hobby after a few years off. And trust me when I say this, you WILL become addicted! But that's a good thing, just remember to take it slow!
  11. A day out collecting Coldwater *VIDEO*

    Looks like a great time. I like the tactical reef vest lol.
  12. Redman 1.5g

    Wow after four years I'm happy to see this tank is still going strong! Looks great!
  13. Smith's 7.5G Pico:)

    Looks like a good start, I will definitely be following along. I also really like the look of the black substrate. Good job sir, first saltwater tank?
  14. CallMeDeaconBlues' 20H

    Good start! Ill be tagging along. Love 20 Highs