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  1. Some species of Acro that the Fiance REALLY wanted. Seems to be doing well under the 70W MH.
  2. The last FTS that I did.. Before the Blue Turbinaria.
  3. This is my new Rhodactis. The LFS guy thought he was a Yuma, So we sat down and I showed him what a Yuma looks like. Still charged me too much for it, but it's got great colors that just didn't come out well in the photo.
  4. I had to get this when I saw it at the LFS. Almost makes me want to swith from a reef aquarium to a "turbinarium":)
  5. This grew from a $10 single head frag that busted off while shipping. Now 3 months later it has 4 heads and is 8" accross when fully open!
  6. Everyone seems to think that these are boring, but I like them alot, and I feed them every other day with an eye dropper. Gotta kill that algae that's growing on them!!!
  7. This was my first coral... I've had it for about 4 months and it is in the process of splitting again, Yay!
  8. This is my Plate after the lights have been on for about an hour. It was starting to bleach when I got it, now it's starting to get some color back...