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  1. What is this white thing?

    I have MANY growing in the darker places of my tank/sump/skimmer... Mine aren't fuzzy either. If not, good luck with the i.d.
  2. What is this white thing?

    Perhaps Scypha ciliata (Q-tip sponge)? Harmless filter-feeders.
  3. Blue Acro

    Some species of Acro that the Fiance REALLY wanted. Seems to be doing well under the 70W MH.
  4. Full Tank Shot

    The last FTS that I did.. Before the Blue Turbinaria.
  5. Rhodactis and others

    This is my new Rhodactis. The LFS guy thought he was a Yuma, So we sat down and I showed him what a Yuma looks like. Still charged me too much for it, but it's got great colors that just didn't come out well in the photo.
  6. Blue Pagoda

    I had to get this when I saw it at the LFS. Almost makes me want to swith from a reef aquarium to a "turbinarium":)
  7. Torch

    This grew from a $10 single head frag that busted off while shipping. Now 3 months later it has 4 heads and is 8" accross when fully open!
  8. White Thing with Spout???

    Do a search for Q-tip sponge or Pineapple sponge (two names for the same thing) that's the general concensus.
  9. How many aquariums do you have?

    My tanks are: 50Gal long F/W with Discus and Elephant nose 18Gal Hex B/W with figure 8 puffers 16Gal Bow Nano Reef 5Gal Bow F/W Lobster 37Gal Cube FOWLR work in progress
  10. Seaclone 100 - Need help?

    opening the air valve allows more air to be sucked in, but it also reduces the water flow which is pushing the bubbles into the tank. Once the skimmer "breaks in" it will still push bubbles out whenever you put your hands in the tank, and sometimes when you feed. I've been running the sea clone for about 7 mo, and it just takes some tweaking of the air/water ratio to make it work. If you search around you can find mods that other people have done to make the skimmer work better.
  11. A ? for 70 Watt DE halide users.

    D/E halides put off U.V. and need to be shielded to protect both your tank, and yourself. Also, splash on an unshielded bulb will most likely shorten it's life, and may cause it to violently explode sending shards of hot quartz into anyone or anything unlucky enough to be standing too close.
  12. Polyps

    Everyone seems to think that these are boring, but I like them alot, and I feed them every other day with an eye dropper. Gotta kill that algae that's growing on them!!!
  13. Ric

    This was my first coral... I've had it for about 4 months and it is in the process of splitting again, Yay!
  14. S/T Plate

    This is my Plate after the lights have been on for about an hour. It was starting to bleach when I got it, now it's starting to get some color back...
  15. Ichy Clown

    That is the normal life cycle of Ich... There really aren't any proven reef-safe treatments, though there are plenty of theories. If you keep the fish healthy and eating then his immune system should be able to fight off a mild infestation. Definately read up on other treatments so that you know what is out there, then find one that works for you. Also, there are two diseases that look alike when dealing with "marine Ich" Cryptocaryon is the easier of the two to treat/cure, Oodinium is more difficult to work with. Do a lot of reading to identify which one you are actually dealing with, then go from there. Good luck!