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  1. shipping and fragpacks

    I am arguing the fact that they are in the wrong when it came to the server. there are many many very cheap options such as backing up to another server/computer somewhere be it at the shop or whatever. As for knowledge I have alot more than the average person. I never (since the one post I did say I wouldnt) say I would never order from them again. obviously they are trying to right what was done and I cant deny them that. I am merely stating that they had poor planning in the beginning and should plan better in the future in case of another mishap.
  2. shipping and fragpacks

    well sounds like you were not smart enough to back up your database to another server. again bad thinking on your end. so again your excuses are invalid.
  3. shipping and fragpacks

    I see now that you are out of arizona and im not sure of any bad weather related problems out there recently but that doesnt mean there wasnt any.
  4. shipping and fragpacks

    FragPacks, ok im not upset at you or ####ed or whatever for not letting others know of your situation. I was just making a statement of how poor customer service that is. Just because your server that hosts your website is having problems does not mean you cant in some way let everyone know you are having problems and sorry for the inconvienience type thing. You obviously read here on nano-reef so therefore you could have posted a thread on here as to the situation instead of waiting for 2 weeks (I think it was two weeks im not gonna look it up to make sure) before posting something. As to the server being down I would have made sure they gave me temporary space to run your website from until the server issues had been resolved. The only reason I can see (which im sure there are others but I cant think of any off the top of my head right now) having server problems for more than a couple days is if something like 8 hurricanes hit the state like florida this year. I dont know where you are based out of so if its florida I can understand then those reasons.
  5. thats not a fireworm. its your normal run of the mill bristleworm. as for feeding the duster they dont really need either.
  6. Custom woodworking and hoods

    I may have you make a canopy for me since my children think its fun to play in the tank. ill figure out dimensions of tank when I get home sometime.
  7. shipping and fragpacks

    nope i dont care who you are there are ways to get info back to people. there are more than one computer in this world and im sure fragpacks has friends and family with computers that are working. still sad imo.
  8. Found egg in filter box

    haha some watersnake is gonna come eat em at night buwhahaha.
  9. shipping and fragpacks

    most people (including me) wouldnt and wont.
  10. my corals...

    thats different you had no choice as it came with the live rock. I waited 6 months before adding any corals to my tank. which is a little long. I think you should wait at least 3 months before adding any.
  11. Same as Freshwater?

    either qt and dose with sw treatement or you can do what they do in fw and turn the temp up to 82. ich cant survive in 82 temp.
  12. zoo growth question

    wait a sec. you have to be careful when dosing iodine. if you add to much you WILL kill everything in your tank.
  13. Need some convincing on PC vs. MH

    because not everyone wants to hang something from their cieling.
  14. children and tank feeding

    This is what the tank looked like 3 days after incident. much better. I didnt lose a thing . as for keep out of reach of children its kinda hard to do with a sw tank (food yes tank no). I had the food in a spot 6ft high that they had to "stack" toys, and chairs up to get to. they did it while I was sleeping and my wife took a shower. I have scolded my son a couple times and made him stand in the corner more than once for getting into the tank. He hasnt done it since the day he poured the flake food in =]
  15. Official Clownfish Owner's Thread

    thanks =]. I saw them somewhere by me for $70 ea but got them for 50 for the pair. i prob overpaid but all well.