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  1. My humble 5.5g

    Dianne always contributed an amazing level of grace to this forum. Giving this old thread a little bump and encourage any new members to give it a read. There's so much to learn from her...
  2. My humble 5.5g

    Dianne.......? Where are you? Just in case you show up........ thanks for all the pics, comments, and thoughtfulness over the years. Your one of the great ones. Never judgmental....... and ALWAYS warm and charming. Missing you...
  3. Friend or Foe?

    Caulerpa nummularia......if you keep it trimmed it looks cool but CAN be invasive.
  4. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy Birthday NR
  5. Rectangular Nano? And Hello!

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. Any Arkansas Reefers out there?

    b u m p anyone else?
  7. I'm not going to say that it won't break.......but......I had a 29 as a planted FW tank a few years back. It did the same thing you described and I used it for over 2 years like that. With that said..... You may want to consider waiting for an opportunity to get another tank just to be safe. I wouldn't think twice about using it as a sump but it would be very disappointing to stock that joker with lots of nice coral just to come home and find them laying on the floor .....along with 29 gallons of saltwater.
  8. LED DIY Concepts

    time to...........release the evil. (evilc66 that is) and
  9. BSDaemon's office tank

    Wow......just read this entire thread. BSDaemon, I'm truly sorry to read this. So many problems. I ran across this while researching tank builds.....you just scared me away from it.
  10. I generally mix enough for 2 - 3 water changes at a time. I use distilled water from Wally-World so after I mix it in a bucket using a powerhead for a couple of hours (or longer if Nan0-REef distracts me from my duties) and pour it back into the jugs when I'm done. I've never had any obvious problems for doing so, and I've left it sitting for up to 6 weeks at a time before.
  11. NanoReef Team Tags

    Here's one.....
  12. Happy Holidays!

    Merry Chritmas Chris. Thanks for keeping the site up and running all these years.
  13. Day Job

    I'm a nurse in an intensive care unit...........if ya want to meet me all you have to do is get VERY sick.
  14. Please ID...Aiptasia?

    not necessarily, I have had majanos in my tank that do not sting zoas. All majanos aren't bad in that sense although I have had problems with them reproducing faster than I would like.