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  1. Nano Cube Lighting!

    Hey, saltwater newbie here. I want a 12g or 24g nano cube for christmas and I'll get which ever one I want (the best husband ever), but I see that both of them have the bare minimum when it comes to the lights, only 3 watts per gallon. I do see that nanocustomes does have the 12g retro kits, but I am not a retro kit person and would end up burning my house down. Is there anything else that I can do to get more light in those cubes? Can I have some one make me a new hood for one of those? When can I expect the 24g to have retro kits? I guess I want to start small with a nano cube, instead of starting from scratch for a saltwater tank, I just did that this last year with my planted freshwater, and the money adds up fast, close to a grand just for a 20 gallon. Thanks for all the great help on this site, I've been reading it for two days.